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Ideas for how to use a spellstoring weapon creatively?


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

I'm considering buying a spell storing weapon for my Lore Warden Fighter/Monk/Rogue (yeah unusual build to say the least).

Basically he is an arcane type w/o having any levels in arcane classes (but has an 18 INT) - he loves doing tricky maneuvers to debuff enemies and keep them off their guard - as well as kill them if necessary (he is a fighter after all - a crit from his agile +1 rapier will hurt.

I'm considering buying him a spell storing weapon as well - probably too costly to add that enchantment to his current weapon - but I might get him a backup rapier w/spell storing.

Debating what spell(s) would make for really fun options in a spell storing weapon - spells I could easily get via a wand (or perhaps scrolls) to recharge the spell storing weapon as needed.

PFS rules for spell storing devices now allow you to "fill" the item in game provided you document it on your chronicle sheet (and pay any costs of hiring NPC spellcasters).

In my case arcane spells are far easier to expect to use via scrolls than divine spells would be (due to a low WIS I have to make two UMD checks to use a divine scroll - one for the spell and one for faking having a high enough Wis to cast it)

So obvious nova ideas like Inflict Serious Wounds aren't easy options (and get expensive).

What would be some creative options to explore? Darkness (since I have darkvision - though it would likely hurt many parties. A touch attack debuff spell? What?

Sovereign Court

Probably want to stick to no-save touch spells since your DC won't be great. In which case, here are some good 3rd-level and below ones:

Vampiric Touch
Touch of Idiocy
Shocking Grasp

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Shocking grasp from a wand would only be 1d6 and I don't think would get the usual plus to hit opponents with metal on them. Shocking grasp from a friendly caster with a higher caster level (unclear if this is allowed to carry over between sessions though would be legal if cast during the game) could be nicer but still only up to 5d6 I think.

Vampiric Touch could be very nice. And touch of idiocy could be very potent against a caster depending on the rolls. I do have access to a partially charge wand of touch of idiocy so that's definitely an option if I can afford the wand and the weapon enchantment.

dimentional anchor. On a weapon you can throw, like a dagger.

Ill Omen - if you have caster in the party with some nice save of suck spells. Like a witch with slumber hex.

Or 2 daggers - one with ill Omen and one with bestow curse.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Reduce person is kinda fun
Rage on a caster
Acid Arrow on an arcane caster
Hideous Laughter
Glitterdust, who doesn't like a chance at blinding
Hold Person
dispel magic
stumble gap
eldritch fever
ray of sickening
chill touch
hydraulic push

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Well re Glitterdust - my chance of blinding via doing a Dirty Trick is certainly higher than the DC on a spell stored Glitterdust would most likely be (and once I get Greater Dirty Trick the "standard action to remove the effect" will definitely hurt a caster's action economy.

Reduce Person would be a double edged effect - for some enemies it might actually help them. Any save or suck spell would suffer from the likely fairly low DC from a spell stored spell - I'm not sure in PFS play (or actually generally) if the DC is based on the stats of caster or on the minimum stat necessary to cast that level of spell...

Hydraulic Push also would in this specific case be wasted - my Trip attempts would definitely be better than the spell's attempt. (My unarmed strike to trip attempts - at level 7 are +18 (due to feats - improved trip, weapon finesse, lore warden bonus, resonant Ioun Stone and brawling armor.

I don't think Rage works (spell says "willing creatures" for the target.

Hideous Laughter is another odd one - not sure how I would rule as a DM re the potential +4 bonus on the save do to different creature types.

Stumble Gap - not sure it is possible in a spell storing weapon since it does not have a target of a creature (it creates an effect in a square).

Bungle has the same restriction that Reduce Person has actually - target is "target Humanoid" so while this will work against many opponents it wouldn't work, for example on an Tiefling or most Aasimars (who are Native Outsiders not humanoids) and it wouldn't work against magical beasts, beasts or any number of other enemy types. (undead for example).

Personally I think I would prefer to have spell stored that will work against nearly every opponent OR which will work exceptionally well against certain specifically hard to deal wtih enemies (ala the Dimensional Anchor suggestion). However for PFS play Dimensional Anchor wouldn't be legal in a spell storing weapon since it is a level 4 spell (unless cast by an Inquisitor however in PFS default assumption is either Wizards / Sorcerers or Clerics casting spells. I think if I was adventuring with an Inquisitor they could prepare Dimensional Anchor and put it into a spell storing weapon - however I also don't think it works when used in a thrown weapon (since the flavor text of spell storing as well as the intent implies that you should be still holding the weapon after it hits so you can use your free action to trigger the spell stored in the weapon.

The part about not throwing may be RAI, but RAW doesn't prohibit it, afaik. The save DC would suck like with all those other spells, but silence in a spellstooring thrown weapon can be pretty handy.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Well it does say "Anytime the weapon strikes a creature and the creature takes damage from it, the weapon can immediately cast the spell on that creature as a free action if the wielder desires."

Since it is also restricted to only melee weapons I think the implication that the "wielder" has to still be wielding the weapon when making the free action to cast the spell is supported by both RAI and RAW - I certainly would not allow a dagger of spell throwing to be thrown (however nice this would be for a rogue...)

(Universalist Wizards using Hand of the Apprentice however is another matter - there I certainly think they could use a dagger or other weapon w/spell storing - because via Hand of the Apprentice they are still wielding the melee weapon even when making a ranged attack with it.

Silence is powerful but probably easier to find a way to cast it on an object vs on a person (sure it won't follow that peson along but it is a powerful way to control the battlefield against a spellcaster). (hmm wand of silence might be a good thing for my fighter to pick up actually... )

Mostly the DC's will suck for anything that you want to affect a target, they are minimum for any spell cast from wand/scroll. So your best bet is no-save touch type spells, or paying quite a bit for the emergency use to have your ingame companions cast it to use their DC's.

I used to use fly a lot, bought a spell storing dagger just to make sure I could catch those pesky flyby attack critters, also dimensional anchor is good, especially if you blind them first with a dirty trick, then keep the load of at-will Gr teleport enemies stuck there.

If you have a caster in game with you, a spell storing weapon does get to carry a cast spell with the casters DCs, but the spell, the dc, any costs, have to be noted and initialed by the GM who witnessed it IIRC, that's how it's been talked about when someone has chimed in.

Also the way PFS runs around here, and our local VC is a supreme stickler and on the boards for clarifications constantly, and doesn't let anything carry over that he hasn't ok'd with generally with the uppers.

Weaponbreaker wrote:
Acid Arrow on an arcane caster

Just curious, what does arcane have to do with it? Wouldn't it be just as nice against a divine caster?

For a "Lore Warden Fighter/Monk/Rogue" I would avoid the Spell Storing ability, as you'd benefit more from a generic +1.

My favorite class for a Spell Storing weapon is Oracle, since they get a lot of low level spells per day and are quite good at melee combat. My favorite spells to charge the weapon with are Bestow Curse, Contagion, Blindness-Deafness, as each is able to cripple an opponent with a single failed save.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Well this character is a non-caster who does a lot of casting via magic items & UMD. He specializes in Dirty Tricks (and trips) and likes having lots of tricks and options up his sleeves. Spell storing seems very in character for him (though there are other new enchantments that are also tempting - Cruel for example could allow him to stack Sickened on enemies he just gave Shaken to via a dirty trick.

Though more typically his combats go as follows:

- close with enemies (speed enhanced via having cast longstrider on himself from a wand before combat) & dirty trick to blind (or deafen if a caster or trip if other allies may also close quickly)

Second round:

Flurry of Maneuvers (he's a maneuver master monk) - dirty trick to blind to open the attack (maneuver master's flurry of maneuvers allows dirty trick in a full attack even though it is usually a standard action), then either trip with his regular attack or more likely attack for damage getting his sneak attack since blindness causes the enemy to lose Dex bonus.

Repeat as necessary - stacking additional effects on the enemy if he hasn't chosen to use a move action to clear the blindness (when he trips & blinds enemies tend to keep one of the two conditions on them...

In another level when he gets Greater Dirty Trick his dirty tricks will last 1d4 rounds + 1 round for every 5 he beats CMD by and will require a Standard action to remove.

Spell Storing for him would be either a way to really nova (i.e. sneak attack + stored spell + regular damage likely from his agile rapier) or a way to deal with specific categories of enemies his usual tricks don't work as well against (i.e. something he can't easily trip or dirty trick)

He is a very unusual but extremely fun character..

Unadulterated Loathing could be quite good. It completely cripples the target with nausea and forces them to flee - provoking at attack of opportunity!

The enemy is in melee range, or you wouldn't be hitting them with your weapon.
Nauseated only allows move actions.
Withdraw is a full-round action.

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