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Tales generated from your RPGs

Gamer Talk

This is related to the back story threads that we are seeing. There seems to be alot of talent on these boards for stories about characters as prequels , if you will, to adventuring days that follow!

What about afterwards however? Surely there are stories generated by Pathfinder or other systems that would be of interest to us all?

This came to mind when pursuing an old interest in Warhammer I came upon this thread....[/url]

Not sure if it counts but I've been writing in character "reports" to the Aspis Consortium about the events of each session in our Serpent's Skull campaign.

YMMV on how good it is. Warning, Spoilers Ahoy.

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There are a bajillion campaign journals out there, which are the ongoing stories of the campaigns.

Here's my campaign journal, for example.

Nice tales! I think they appeal to me, as a gamer, because you can see the mechanics tie-in to the narrative. The critical hit, the novel use of a spell and magic item effects can be fit in to the story and bring a sense of reward when you can suss out the details. Seeing how other parties are dealing with modules we have faced is definitely enlightening and occasionally funny! (eg those exploding zombies....hmmm they did that much better than us!)

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