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TRUE DUNGEON at Egypt Wars 2013 (Carbondale IL), help spread the PFS Word

Local Play

Grand Lodge *****

My area has a local gaming convention every April, this weekend it will be April 12-14. We have had a growing PFS scene there for the past couple of years, and this year I'm hoping I can take advantage of the awesome draw of True Dungeon and the number of people that will bring to the event to grow our local scene ever more.

The True Dungeon people, the real actual True Dungeon that runs at Gencon every year, may be having an event at my local convention. Awesome, right? Well they need help if this is going to happen. I dont know what all they need volunteers for or when you would be needed, but if you have ever wanted to be a part of True Dungeon, this could be your chance!

Contact to find out more about it!


I've been a True Dungeon volunteer (both as monster NPC and DM) for several years... Jeff Martin is a great guy to "work" for as a TD volunteer. Best of luck with your event, Seth!

Grand Lodge *****


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