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Google Maps Returns to iOS.


Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It's now available as a free standalone app in the ITunes Store.

It's a bit of a rough cut but it's functional.

I plan to try out the turn-by-turn directions this weekend. I already got bit by the Apple Maps App when I was off by 1 digit for the Zipcode...grr.

Pretty good. The interface is clean, but it took me a bit to figure out that you click on the little car icon to get directions.

Would like to make it the "default" map program so it would work from my Contacts instead of having to copy and paste the address each time.

The girl voice seemed very "natural" when saying the street names...its like they recorded a voice for each street!

Have you compared the app to using the browser and just using google maps?
There have been reviews for the 6.0 ios and they have all said that if you don't like the 'new' map program to just go to the browser.

Does the browser version of Google Maps have turn-by-turn directions? I don't think it does. The native Google Maps apps has turn-by-turn.

Also with Siri you can say "Give me directions to blah via transit." and then it will allow you to select Google Maps app instead of the Apple App.

I don't know how to make it your default maps app.

Before there were Tablets there were PCs with browsers. Of coarse it has turn by turn :)

It doesn't have Safari, but then that is just fluff and who needs it anyway. If you are talking to your phone or driving, it's a distraction. If you can't stop and type in your directions, you should have done that first before you left.

As far as how to make it an app, go into Safari and bring up Google Maps. Then tap that little box that points to the right and select "Add to Home Screen"

....Now that I think of it, you were just wondering if you could make your new app the default, and I don't think you can like you are able to on a PC. It would have to be in the application's preferences and since you can't remove the primary map program, you are kind of stuck with the other one. You could do what I do and move it into its own folder several pages over. That way you won't interact with it and the new map program will be the only one you use.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
ngc7293 wrote:

Have you compared the app to using the browser and just using google maps?

There have been reviews for the 6.0 ios and they have all said that if you don't like the 'new' map program to just go to the browser.

Yes, using the app is a much faster and streamlined experience. (I had the Google Map shortcut saved to my homescreen for comparison) Especially if you're like me, and the major need you have is for mass transit directions.

Also having the app gives most aware apps the option of following up directions in Google Maps. You can't do that with the mere shortcut.

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