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Midgard Miniatures Kickstarter


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi all

Just a quick line to let you know that the kickstarter to launch the official miniature line for Wolfgang Baeur's Midgard Campaign setting is now official launched.

Here's the link:Midgard Miniatures

Aha! Yep, these are fabulous! I'm in, and as I commented on the KS page, the stretchgoal minis are mouth-watering!!!

And funded in just over 1 day! Now to reach those stretch goals and increase the stable of available minis! Mharoti Dragonkin envoy next, Female gearmage after that!!!

Check out Midgard Miniatures KS link in the OP.

I'm just happy too with the free P&P to the UK. The models look great and the price is reasonable.

Mharoti dragonkin unlocked!!!


Mad Tinker Gnome wrote:

Hi all

Just a quick line to let you know that the kickstarter to launch the official miniature line for Wolfgang Baeur's Midgard Campaign setting is now official launched.

Here's the link:Midgard Miniatures


Scarab Sages

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I just pledged...the female Gear Mage is inspiration for my next character.

That's cool sanwah68, just a couple of hundred $ away.

And now they have unlocked some of their metal mini's including a Ogress and Thor.

If they can make $25k target by Christmas too there are some free kobalds that look really nice. Although I think it might be a bit of a stretch.

Yeah, but it's possible! Honestly, the thing this project needs is a good infusion of minis selection, and Mick seems to be on it with drawing from his existing catalogue. Once he gets a more stretch goals and maybe another small infusion from his store and people will start increasing their current pledges along with some new faces :D

Exactly, people will hopefully start increasing their pledges. Then we can get those amazing kobolds.

Yeah, this seems to be an interesting organisation, with the stretch goals close together. Then if they hit enough they could add more bonus stuff.

Wow, that's great. Extra kobold mini for all pledges above $50, and all the stretches move up.

This could be a great deal.

Just bumping for interest.
They have added some great minis from Eastern Front studios to select from and are taking note of what other stuff people want to see. Seems to be kicking along nicely:

Midgard Miniatures kickstarter

And they have some interesting rewards along the way.

Also, if you're at all interested in the Midgard stuff and have a specific mini you'd really like to see made, Mick is taking requests on the project's latest update. If you pledge, you can voice what kind of mini from Midgard you want made, or just suggest what order the current stretch goals should appear in!

Really, you can get your own PC's!

And they've released Death Knights, mini-shoggoths, mummies. That's great there are extra miniature options as well as bonus kobolds.

Baba-Yaga's hut!!! If only it reaches $25k!

But there is also the potential of Tengu & Tiefling mini's!

I am crazy excited for both! And Baba Yaga's hut is freaking spectacular.

Here is the update that has the pic of the hut in it. They say it will be between 8-12 inches tall!

Hi guys Mick here..thought to chime in and say thanks for the nice comments..on another note something we have in the works : 3687916&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf



1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi guys we have released BABA YAGA"S hut in 3d 6 inch and 12 inch versions painted and unpainted.Enjoy!!


Don't forget that the painted 12 incher is also limited to 5 only, with a custom plaque on the base with the name of the purchaser ;)

Great $11,000 stretch goal hit. So free Kobald Druod mini to all that pledge $50+

Next goal @ $13,000 Tengu (raven) Mage. (& another free Kobald mini)

Bit surprised more people haven't backed it, but now they are introducing more freebies & content and of course the goal of Baba Yaga's hut.

Also, a bunch of Midgard campaign books (for both 4e and Pathfinder) are available as add-on PDFs :D.

Here's the update

Sovereign Court

I will be funding this one if only so I can get correctly sized Aboleth. That tiefling is interesting looking as well.

The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Press; RPG Superstar Judge

The addition of Baba Yaga's hut to this Kickstarter seems very timely, what with the Shackled Hut in the AP and all.

Another stretch goal was knocked down. The tengu/raven mage mini is unlocked, and Wit the kobold rogue is now a freebie for Scout ($70) and higher backers

Update link

Boom! Another stretch eats dirt! The vulture sphinx AND grisal dwarf minis are unlocked now as options, the kobold alchemist mini is now free for Gearforged level backers and a $4 add-on for others.

Next up: 17k and the deer centaur gets unlocked and the kobold bard is given free to Bandit King level backers!

The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Press; RPG Superstar Judge

The vulture sphinx is awesome, and so is that dwarf. I hope we do get to Baba Yaga Dancing Hut mini.

Down to the last 4 days, eeep!

Wow! The Midgard Miniatures kickstarter has just offered a great new range of extra minis to choose from:


I'm really liking the Lord Hrothgar and Female Thief mini. I'm definitely going to struggle to choose between all the different minis to get the 15 I've pledged for....

I know, all these are amazing mini's I am going to have to up my pledge just to get them all. You don't often see mermaids and the Mind Lord too.

Demon toad is a serious MUST for a collection! It's so gorgeous! Check out the EFS facebook page for a beautifully painted version

You wouldn't be willing to post that photo here for those of us who don't have and don't want a facebook account?

Here it is, it is actually the painted example from their webstore. Really cool mini!

Thanks for doing that. It does look great.

Update time again. The 17k stretch goal was hit, so the deer centaur is unlocked as an option, as well as people pledging for the Bandit King level getting a free kobold bard!

Next goal is 19k, where the Deathcap mushroom person will be unlocked and the Guild Leader level will get a free kobold mage, Jiro! The friendly mascot of Kobold Quarterly!

Yep and now the Deathcap mushrooms stretch goal has been hit.

Looks like they have revealed all the stretch goals as they move into the last 48 hours.

Including a Crimson Drake if they hit $25,000. (Art by Hugo Solis of Butterfrog - and amazing); with free Kobold Knight and Kobold Monks being available.

And they have opened up more of their current catalogue of mini's. Many of which perfect for sea-faring adventuring - thus if you are playing Skulls & Shackles, Razor Coast or in Freeport it's perfect. (To go with the Baba Yaga's hut for Reign of Winter)

Here is the update. Tons of new goodies, as well as more stuff from the EFS store available for cheap, including some sweet seahorse riders.

Also, we're dead close to the gearforged huntsman, which is the 22k stretch goal!

Yep, the new stretch goals are fantastic! C'mon 22k! Really want to see the kobold knight!!!

Hi guys down to the last day to jump in much thanks..under 3k & we have a Hugo Solis Crimson Drake design greenlighted

Another update, and now the gearforged huntsman is unlocked, Scout backers get a free kobold knight.

The next is the MASSIVE Crimon Drake, which I'm told will be 6-8inches tall with each wing being about 8 inches, if they were unfurled. He comes with a pretty cool kobold monk that Gearforged level backers get.

I've just backed this at the Scout level, and quite a large part of doing so was for the bonus Kobolds. Most Kobold minis date back to pre-3rd edition and are doglike rather than dragonlike, even the Reaper Bones ones are based on a pre-3rd edition mould. So it will be nice to get some which match what I have in mind for the Kobold NPCs in my game.


That chicken hut shall be mine!

Yep, $25,000 target hit. With the extra monk kobold unlocked. Only 4 hours to go...

So, apparently, the Crimson Drake is supposed to be a tiny sized critter pseudodrake. Now, the plan is to make the drake huge, anyway (which would probably bring it close to 1:1 scale lol) and another little tiny drake as well :D

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