Year of the Shadow Lodge / GM101.1, Carbondale IL, 01 / 12 / 2013

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Grand Lodge *****

Links to events on Paizo site and Warhorn site.

Date: Saturday, Jan 12, 2013
Where: Castle Perilous Books and Games
11am-4pm: PFS Special: Year of the Shadow Lodge (Tier 1-11)
430-830pm: GM101, Part 1
Admission: At least one can of food or dry good foodstuff to be donated to the local food pantry. No ramen or tomato paste, though.

We will also be holding a raffle for a $20 gift certificate to Castle Perilous Books and Games. Entries are $.50 each, and all profits from the drawing will go into our local GM fund to help pay for scenarios, printing, and other PFS related gaming materials as a thank you to those who GM for us.

Sign up is ready to go on the Warhorn site. Sign up generally goes first to those who sign up on Warhorn, though we will attempt to make accomodations for new players and those who have driven a significant distance to join us!

Come out and have a great day of Pathfinder!

Grand Lodge *****

There may also be a separate raffle for a Wayang/Kitsune/Nagaji racial boon. If that one is held, entry will be in the form of additional cans of food or dry goods for donation to the food pantry, not including the one you are donating to get in the door.

Grand Lodge *****


Still plenty of player spots open, and still accepting GMs!

Grand Lodge *****

*To the tune of Star Wars*

Buh-Buh-Buh-Bump Bump, Bump Bump Bump Buh-Bump, Buh-Buh-Buh-Bump

We still have seats open for players and GMs alike, so sign up soon!

Grand Lodge *****

Plenty of spots open for players still!

Also, we will be having Tennessee VC Phillip Goettsch and 5-Star GM Chris Mortika here to help out with our event!

Silver Crusade ****

It's too bad this is so far away. I really would like to play this adventure some day, but 5.5 hours of driving each way for a single gaming session is just a bit too much.

Grand Lodge *****

The turnout was better than expected!

We had a total of 41 players and GMs show up to play through Year of the Shadow Lodge, with a total of 6 tables running, covering all subtiers from 1-2 to 8-9! Everyone had a great time during the scenario, especially when

When faced with needing to get past the dragon and into the lodge, one table used the Deck of Illusions given to them by Osprey to 'Summon' A Red Dragon, a Cloud Giant, and an Ettin, distracting the Black Dragon enough for everyone to slip inside unnoticed.

A big thanks for all our friends from Missouri who came out to play with us, and especially to VC Phillip Goettsch for coming all the way up from Nashville to GM a table!

We had, I believe, 15 people stay afterwords for our GM101 session, during which everyone seemed to have a good time, especially during the Deck of Many Situations. 4 of the ones who stayed are ages 12-14, and one of them went home and immediately signed up to GM a session this coming weekend!

Between the entry fee and the raffle drawing for a racial boon, we raised, I believe, close to 100 cans and boxes of food to be given to a local charity!

Thanks to everyone who took part in making this one of the best, and the single BIGGEST, game day we have ever had in Carbondale! It's a great time for PFS in Illinois!

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