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IL, Northwest Suburbs of Chicago (PFRPG) - Couple of players looking for a gaming group

Gamer Connection

Shadow Lodge

Hi everyone,

My husband and I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, and we're looking for a gaming group. He recently moved down here from Michigan where he had a regular group of friends he'd game with, but now that he's in the Chicago area we're looking for other gamers.

He's been playing D&D since he was a teenage, and he just introduced me to the Pathfinder Beginner Box, which we just finished (so I'm very new to the game). I'm starting to build a new character using the core rules now, and we'd love to start playing with other people.

So if there are any gamers in the area looking for a couple of new players give us a shout! We usually have weekends off.

Thanks so much!


Hey Nash,

Where are you located exactly because I'm looking for gamers to start up a Raise of the Runelords Campaign and I might be willing to travel. I live near Joliet.

Shadow Lodge

The closest gaming store near with tables near us is Games Plus in Mount Prospect. Which is where we were hoping to start meeting when we found a group. But I talked with my husband, and we're willing to drive to a location that is sort of between here and Joliet.

Do you know any gaming stores? We googled it, and it looks like a place named Fair Game in Downers Grove, might have some table space that we could use.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There is a game store on Chicago's North side (the Dice Dojo) with a pretty solid Pathfinder Society contingent, and it includes players of all skill levels. The games run on Monday evenings. (I personally live in the boondocks on the State line, but I work near enough to the Dojo that I try to make it at least once a month.)

If you're close to Games Plus and PFS isn't your cup of tea (it's not for everyone, to be sure), it's unquestionably a good place to start sourcing. They have a game room of their own and while it's primarily miniatures gaming-focused, there are usually all sorts of players who make it. For the record, Games Plus is a terrific local game store; I never go in there without buying something. :-)

Welcome to the area!

Shadow Lodge

We checked out the bulletin board at Games Plus yesterday when we were there, and we didn't see anyone seeking Pathfinder players (which was a major bummer), so we were thinking about posting something up there soon, to see if we can find local gamers (and a GM) to join us!

I'm not entirely sure what Pathfinder Society is, and how it differs from any regular PFRPG game play.

We ALWAYS buy something when we visit Games Plus too lol.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There's also a store in Grayslake, IL (Unique Gifts and Games), which isn't quite on a par with Games Plus — of course, they haven't been around as long — but is a good resource too.

Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a living campaign environment in which you can bring your PC from table to table all over and still be using the same set of rules. When I say it's not for everyone, I mean that there's less of the storybuilding you do in a home campaign, which not everyone enjoys. Check it out here: link

I personally enjoy PFS because it gives me the opportunity to play more often than perhaps I could in a home campaign, while making it far less problematic to miss a particular week when Real Life [tm] intervenes, since the parties are modular by design.

You should put something up at Games Plus advertising what you're after. What have ya got to lose? :-)

Shadow Lodge

Ok, I read about the Pathfinder Society, and it actually sounds like a cool idea. It would definitely be a great way to actually get an opportunity to play the game if we can find a regular set of people to game with. I think I'm going to look into it :)

Yeah, we're definitely going to post something on the Games Plus board.

I actually wouldn't mind making the hike to Games Plus. I like the space it offers(much bigger than Fair Games) and we might be able to scare up another couple to fill out a party of four...that is if your interested in being entertained under my GM rule.

Shadow Lodge

DM Mathpro, I've never been to Fair Games, so I'll take your word for it. I love Games Plus, and the staff is pretty awesome.

We're both interested in gaming with you. I think finding a GM is the hardest part. We plan on posting a "personal ad" on the board at Games Plus in search of two more players!

OMG! I'm super excited!!! My husband has actually been wanting to try Raise of the Runelords.

Let me run the details past my fiancee and make sure she's okay with me doing this and then I will finalize details with you.

Shadow Lodge

Sweet!...*hint hint* you could always teach her how to play too, and we could have 3 players! The Beginner Box is how my husband got me hooked on Pathfinder, just sayin'

On a serious note, we both work until 10-10:30p on weeknights, so we hope to game on the weekends. Once or twice a month maybe? Whatever works with everyone's schedule.

My fiancee works rotating shifts so its hard to get her to commit to anything at the moment but she would LOVE to learn to play and I think a group setting is what she needs more than one on one...we tried that and it failed. Though I didn't use the beginner box with her...might give that a try.

If we ever get her schedule worked out where she is free on the weekends I'm more than sure she would take a seat at the table.

Just got the texted okay that I can get the show on the road. She's just glad I'm getting out of the house lol.

I was thinking since it is a bit of a hike for me that twice a month would work. I'm open for either Saturday or Sunday play. Since it takes about an hour to get to Games Plus for me I'd suggest we try for an early afternoon game so that I can be home at a decent hour and so my fiancee doesn't worry to much. If you wouldn't mind I'd really appreciate if you could reserve a table for the group and scrounge up the extra 2 players I'd want to feel comfortable running this for people. I like parties of at least four to feel I'm at least attempting to be fair lol. Just to keep this thread from getting to over filled you can email me at if you have any questions.

Shadow Lodge

Excellent! It would be awesome if your finace ever wanted to learn. The Beginner Box is the best way to ease into the game. And we'd love to play through it again if you needed players for that :)

I'll try and find us two more players, and sign us up for a table once we find them. I'll shoot you an email right now, so expect a message from

Shadow Lodge

Just a heads up to anyone follow this thread, we are looking for two more players to start the Rise of the Runelords campaign! I've posted a flyer at Games Plus, and I want to reach out to any other local gamers here who are interested :)

Are you guys anywhere near the Crystal Lake area? We're starting a local PF game with new DM and players. You can drop me a note at Jeff6016 at Gmail dot com.

Shadow Lodge

Jeff6016 wrote:

Are you guys anywhere near the Crystal Lake area? We're starting a local PF game with new DM and players. You can drop me a note at Jeff6016 at Gmail dot com.

Well, we're going to join in with DM MathPro, and the new campaign he's ready to run, we just need two more players now.

I'm visit my Mom up in Des Plaines a couple times a week and I can drive in from the city. My brother's live in Mt. Prospect, so Gamers Plus would be an ideal location for me. I wouldn't mind playing in a D&D campaign. Please keep me posted.



Shadow Lodge

Sorry for not updating this thread. We have five players now, and we started the campaign a week ago. We've got a pretty good sized group now.

Maybe you guys in the area can get in touch with each other and start a gaming group of your own. We've gotten a good response from our flyer at Games Plus! I definitely recommend you post something on their bulletin board if you're looking for a group!

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