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Barbarian Feats

Beginner Box

I downloaded the Beginner Box Player Pack and had trouble finding what other feats from the Hero's handbook the Barbarian can have.

Do they have the same feat choices as the Fighter?

p.s. I looked everywhere on the message boards for an answer.


Any character can choose any feat from the Beginner Box or the Player Pack, as long as the character meets the prerequisites for the feat.

Fighters have more feats total, but for the most part they're choosing from the same list as all other characters.

So barbarians have the same feat options as fighters or any other classes—they just have to meet the prerequisites for the feat.

I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

I was thrown off by the pictures beside the feats showing the fighter, cleric etc.


Ahh, I see. Well, the intro text in the Hero's Handbook page 40 says, "The pictures next to the feat names show what classes that feat is good for—use them to help make your choice." It's advice, not rules—basically, if you're in a hurry to pick feats for your character, following the recommendations of those pictures means you're less likely to pick a weak feat for yourself.

For example, most fighters wear medium or heavy armor because they can, and because that's the easiest way for them to get a high AC. Clerics usually wear medium armor for the same reason. The Fleet feat (page 41) has the rogue and wizard pictures because the Fleet feat only works if you're wearing light armor or no armor, so it's not a good feat choice for most fighters and clerics—their heavier armor prevents you from using the feat. But rogues wear light armor or no armor, and wizards wear no armor, so Fleet can be a good choice for rogues and wizards, therefore the feat has the rogue and wizard pictures. However, if your fighter or cleric wears light armor or no armor, you may want to take the Fleet feet to be extra-speedy in combat.

Because the barbarian class isn't mentioned in the Beginner Box, we don't have barbarian pictures for any of the Beginner Box feats. But you can just check the Prerequisites for each feat to see if you can take it, and you'll have to decide if it's a good feat for your character or not. :)

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