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Character Personalities


here are some personalities of my characters

two LN fighter friends who , wile lawful he does it in a chaotic way, for example
they are contracted to protect a wizard,so when they get into-combat they form a shield wall next to blurts out a taunt and mocks the bandits into attacking him, and away from the wizard

the bandits get extremely irritated and start wailing on him only to figure out he is a master of defense. he tells his buddy "hay i bet you cant knock him out in one hit."
his buddy replies " oh yeah if i do give me 5 coin."
he uses cleave and power attack and kills one of the bandits in one wholly and the next bandit gets severely hurt.
"i have no clue why i make these bets with ya " as he tosses 5 gold at the Dwarven fighter.

so on and so on. they still protect the wizard actively , but the banter between the two is chaotic and somewhat random.

but with the personalities there is a tactic

fighter one uses taunts to lure enemies to him so he can take the brunt of the force. wile his buddy right next to him does more damage and hits like a bus with a one handed weapon (war hammer).

i personally believe character personalities are important to their tactics in battle.

what are some character personalities you have made ?

Might be a little late but my favorite has to be South Cheese. He was a gnome summoner and his edilon was an angry ass wolf. He spoke with a southern accent and the wolf spoke in a low angry voice. Both were CN because the gnome enjoyed stealing things and didn't care for law and the wolf... well enjoyed eating other creatures. The interaction between the two made the table laugh. For instance, after stealing a CLW wand south cheese failed his spell craft to identify it. So instead of waiting he just tested it on the wolf as the wolf yelled at him. The wolf promptly attacked his master doing massive damage as retribution. The two dislike each other but are the same character so I found it hilarious. The wolf would purposely piss off south cheese by walking in front of it and defecating or something obnoxious.

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