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New Vanities for the Blog

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


Thought I'd start a thread to theory-craft and perhaps have approved some new vanities to spend our hard-earned Prestige on.


PP Cost 5
Cost 0 GP
Requirement 5 ranks in a Knowledge (arcana, history, and planes)
Category Membership

Your expertise in your field of knowledge have others coming to you for information. You can use Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), and Knowledge (planes) to make Day Job rolls.


Teleportation Network

PP Cost 4
Fame 20 in any faction
Cost 0 GP
Category Membership

You have done enough favors for mages that you have access to a network that can offer you and your party teleportation services to and from any major city once per session.

Grand Lodge ****

Nice idea for a thread!

Wayfinder MK.II
PP Cost 5
Cost 0 GP
Requirement Must be an active Pathfinder Society member.
You have been gifted with an upgraded Wayfinder. Instead of being able to cast the Light spell, this Wayfinder can cast Snapdragon Fireworks three times a day as a 5th level caster with a Reflex DC of 15. For the purposes of identifying magic items, this Wayfinder radiates magic like the standard, unmodified Wayfinder.

Norgorban Wayfinder
PP Cost 10
Cost 0 GP
Requirement Must be an active Pathfinder Society member.
You have been gifted with a Wayfinder that has been altered by the Church of Norgorber, God of Assassins. In addition to being able to cast the Light spell, this Wayfinder sprouts multiple razor sharp edges from within and transforms into a +1 returning shuriken when a command word is spoken. For the purposes of identifying magic items, the Norgorban Wayfinder radiates magic like the standard, unmodified Wayfinder.

Archivist sounds more like a reference librarian which should require that you have such a library: like the Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge, a faction house, or perhaps collectors like Blackros. Perhaps the PC could become a Sage instead, trading on his personal store of knowledge. Also, this sounds like a cummulative score of three areas of KS. Maybe any one would add to Day Job. Otherwise all PCs would want to add multiple scores to each roll. And by ranks, I guess you mean 5 real ranks/skill points added, not just a 5 skill level.

Teleportation Network: whoa! Too much for too little. What is the value of 4-7 teleport spells? If retrieval of your corpse can be prearranged for 5PP, wouldn't that be a base cost for such teleportation. So -5 PP per adventure per PC. Your calculation seems to be: 10 scenarios (20PP)for one PC you would get free transport for the next 26 scenarios (12th level)for up to 26x7 PCs?

Snapdragon Wayfinder: Amusing. However, this opens the question of the Wayfinder becoming a regenerating spell storing device for any 3rd level spells (5th level caster). Buy a Wayfinder, get 3 fireballs a day sort of thing.

Norgorbon Wayfinder: +1 returning ranged attack weapon, akin to Universalist Wizard Hand of the Apprentice ability. 10 PP might be a fair price for a +1 (2000 gp value), but returning ability and a light spell?

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