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Power Attack (Mythic)

Player Feedback

This thread is to address the mythic Power Attack feat and to hopefully also address the issue of STR based builds versus DEX based builds at the Mythic level.

Power Attack (Mythic)
Your attacks are truly devastating.
Prerequisite: Power Attack, 1st mythic tier.
Benefit: When you use Power Attack, you gain a +3
bonus on melee damage rolls (instead of +2). When
your base attack bonus reaches +4 and every 4 points
thereafter, the amount of bonus damage increases by +3
(instead of +2). In addition, the bonus damage from this
feat is doubled on a critical hit.

Suggestion 1: Add an additional requirement involving a higher Strength score. This will appease STR builds and prove they still dominate DPS compared to DEX builds. Keep it in range of characters who are not two handed warriors, though.

Suggestion 2: There is no wording for the effects of power attacking with a two handed weapon. How about +5 when weilding a one handed weapon with two hands or weilding a two handed weapon? It continues to validate STR fighters and makes sensed based on the original feat.

Using power attack with a two-hand weapon means means you get +50% of the power attack damage. So below level 4 you get +4 to damage and level 4 to 7 you get +9.

Below level 4 that means that you get +4 bonus to damage (3 divide by 2 rounded down = 1) when using mythic power attack with a two-handed weapon.

At level 4 the bonus to damage is +6 when using mythic power attack. Using a two-hand weapon that adds 50% to damage, you get +9 points of damage.

Because Mythic Power Attack does not specifically state that, I'm just calling it into question. Is it necessary? Hard to say.

My guess is if a ability or feat doesn't adress certain aspects of a "normal" ability or feat, you use the normal rules.

But like Jason Bulmahn said, PA needs better wording.

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