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Input for the Designers?, by iohip

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Oddest Encounter Ever, by Simon Legrande

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Wierd crearure suggestions and advice, by zainale

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How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?, by Jaelithe

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Building mermaid tank- charisma to saves besides paladin?, by Kundalini108

Trickster Itemcraft

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

While playing around with some rogue/ninja stuff i just had an idea.
I know Monte Cook said not be an armchair designer, but this one is just too big.

Both the magic paths get something to use lower spells all day long, what can make them really powerful. Now rogues have that minor and major magic that wasn´t really useful so far. It could just become more useful to ifriits and sylph that invest another feat into either firesight or cloud gazer. Ifriit ninjas already have a nice option with smoke bombs, but now rogues could get some nice flavor too.
Why not let itemcraft fuel the magic rogue talents too? And perhaps add antoher spell at third level? Since major magic could be taken earliest at level 3 as far as i remember, it´s already balanced with the magic classes. If you add the possibility to use a thrid level spell, make that available later or make it a completely new path ability.

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