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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Got a PC or creature you always wanted to see the light of day?

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew


I know this could go many places. Recruitment, or Homebrew...but I am not really here it is. At least until someone moves it.

Here is my idea.
Something created with Paizo rules of course.

This can be a villain you made, or a statted up monster, whatever.

Theorycraft, or things that never got used because of a game falling apart.

I have some players about to enter the spire of basically anything goes. they are 6, Level 6, 25 pt build players. A spellslinger/rogue, Lore Warden/Flowing monk, Ironborn Oracle of Battle, Bard with a dip of oracle, Sorcerer/Paladin, Orc Scarred With Doctor.

If you really have something good, I just might invite you to put him in an alias and play him/her when the time comes.

no one?

Ninja Troll
If you add 4 levels of Ninja, he can take on the entire party. If there is a body of water, he will jump out, attack, and try to fall back in so he can avoid any fireball spells. This idea was written up for 3.5, and I do not have the new book yet.

I outlined a series of encounters for a campiagn that ended before I could get to it. Within the illusionist villain's lair there seeps a gas that causes all who inhale it to halucinate. But thats not the end of it. Since I like to paint figurines, I painted some strange ones. There was an armored grim reaper painted to look like a ghost, a six foot tall orange goblin with an eight foot golden sword, a solid gold living statue of a winged demon, etc.

The idea was that every creature was something other than what it appeared to be. In addition to the PC's senses being warped, the enemies were cloaked with illusion. It would be possible however to pierce the illusions while one briefly shook off the effects of the drug, and doing so would negate the additional damage the the PC's believe is being caused by the unnatural foes.

The next twist comes from when I was at a store called Archiue McPhee's. They sell really weird stuff. I found a rabbit shooter, and the ammunition was tiny plastic bunnies. The bunnies would be hopping around during the battles and would distract you when adjacent. They would give only a small penalty and would be easy to kill since they're not real, but doing so would eat up an action.

The PC's would be making saves every few rounds to ignore the disorienting effect of the gas briefly, only to be affected again after that. The purpose of all of this was to cause things to not function in the way the player's expect, and to cause them to overcome some of the obstacles in different ways. I never needed to flesh it out fully, so thats all I can offer.

Illusion gas, please post that in my Random Weird FX for Cleaves topic.


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