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Mythic tiers: a solution for the small party?

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

After giving the Mythic Adventures Playtest a good read-through, I cannot help but think that Mythic tiers may just be the thing for very small gaming groups (2-3 PC's) without having to resort to a host of allied NPC's, GM-PC's or gestalt characters.

In fact, it quite fits the idea of a mythic story, as most actual myths usually involve a single person's adventures.



I agree. Even a single tier makes the party much harder to kill of, and from 2nd tier onwards a 3 man party will probably have as many actions in combat as a normal 4 man party.

At a lose end, and with only 2 people available to play...we figured give this a test. And it's so a great solution for small groups, and keeping the fun :). So far all good.

I love this idea...

I'm hoping so. I am about to start a campaign that will likely just have 2 PCs.

Scarab Sages

I also enjoy it for keeping the game under control as a GM. Our favorite levels of play are typically between 5-12, as the game starts to break down a bit past that point. The Mythic ruleset gives me some ability to advance the monsters the party is facing and give the party a strong feel of their character improving without introducing the high level spells and items that become much more difficult to balance out. It also balances our group a bit better since we don't always have a full party and the improved survival capabilities give a 3 man group a wider margin for error than you might otherwise see. It definitely brings that Beowulf/Hercules/Achilles type feel to each character.

Absolutely. The (three) players in my Rise of the Runelords campaign are already clamoring for Mythic tiers... and not just because they want sweet new toys.

Even if I don't use it there, I definitely plan to introduce them in our next game (probably Shattered Star).


Because of previous adventures, my group of three players started Runelords with 6th level characters. As a response, I'm having to bump up encounters to CR 5 and6 to keep it from being a complete blitz, and hopefully the adventure will catch up with the PC's levels by the Skinsaw Murders... but after that, I was planning on introducing Mythic levels to help with survivability, but it seems to be thematically appropriate to the Path.

What I was thinking of doing was granting 3 mythic tiers to Malfeshankor, and having the PC's absorb them, Highlander-style, but that they sort of remain dormant until they encounter something that "triggers" their ascension - read: when the as-written encounters surpass their APL...

Has anyone else tried this sort of thing yet, to "fill out" a small group, and do they have any feedback\advice on its use?

Liberty's Edge

I'm presently running a homebrew solo campaign using Mythic...I have yet to see the first fight with the Mythic rules, as he just achieved tier 1 (Phalanx Ftr3/Guardian1), but it does indeed look promising for small parties/solo...especially Guardian.

Nephelim wrote:
What I was thinking of doing was granting 3 mythic tiers to Malfeshankor, and having the PC's absorb them, Highlander-style, but that they sort of remain dormant until they encounter something that "triggers" their ascension - read: when the as-written encounters surpass their APL...

I have a 3 man group that started Rise of the Runelords, where I wanted to add mythis tiers. Now we switched to Reign of Winter, so I haven't thought the stuff all the way through, but here's what I had planned on doing:

Because some of my players are more rules-savvy than others, I'd introduce the moments of ascention individually through book 1 and 2. I'd keep the flaws-system and pick one related to the ascention-event, but not tell the players.
Some ideas formoments:


Dying. If a PC died, one could bring him back the old "this is not your time yet"-style. Maybe a short message from Desna or Shelyn - the gods I think know most of the runelord thread.
The flaw would be weakness to the type of weapon killing him.

Defeating Nualia or The Barghest I Can't Spell. The flaw should be related to the enemy's theme. Wrath for Nualia, for example.

Pucking up and wearing the Sihedron Medallion. This one already has a flaw: keep the medallion and all your cool, new powers, but let the runelord know your every move.

In Reign of Winter, I plan on giving then the ascention at the same time, since there's a built-in moment that would fit perfectly:

The Black Rider's Mantle

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