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Flaw: Energy Vulnerability

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Either the wrong value was included or the word "vulnerability" should be changed (something like "Weakness").

For most people who read statblocks, when we read "Vulnerable to Fire", we know that the creature takes 1.5x damage from all fire energy damage.

The flaw says that you take double damage from the chosen energy type, which is counter-intuitive to the wording already being used.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

This ability also seems potentially needlessly punishing compared to others. Not being able to benefit from any protections at all AND taking double damage is really rough (and potentially deadly). Especially since some energy types probably come up more than most weapon groups.

Scarab Sages

One would think that standard Vulnerability would be more or less equivalent to the other flaws, and more intuitive. Although I do understand that they don't want you to have an easy way to negate the penalty of the flaws, there's got to be a less punishing middle ground here.

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