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211 구로오피 밤 전BAM「W A R」 1 1 닷「C0M」동래오피#부산오피, by monicamurphy30

인천건마-BAM〈W A R〉 1 1 ㆍ〈컴〉밤 워 일산건마 구미건마방, by wqeqqeqwq

〘 밤워 〙 Bamwar 1 |ㆍ C o m 강북안마ヨ분당안마を창원안마, by crunchycrunchy355

210 역삼오피-「BAM」「W A R」 1 1 .「cOm」밤 워 강북오피 천안오피, by monicamurphy30

세종안마〈 bamwar 11ㆍcom〉 밤전 〈강남안마〉창원안마, by crunchycrunchy355

신림업소추천 신림오피 『U』Dai『SO』04|cOm∏강서오피∥유흥다이소⇒논현오피→일산오피, by taepuhto

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Some Ascetic Style Builds, by Chess Pwn

Need PFS ruling on Racial Heritage: Kitsune and Magical Tails, by Kahel Stormbender

Democratic Unofficial FAQs, by Matthew Downie

Is optimising characters actually suboptimal?, by Boomerang Nebula

Can you take a non-stacking feat more then once?, by Drake Brimstone

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest, by N. Jolly

My campaign play test

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Ok, here's the plan. My players are 7th level. They have inadvertently led the bad guys (a wannabe lich and crew) to the location of an artifact they were sworn to keep secret. Since the hiding place is blown, they will be charged with protecting the artifact and fleeing. The artifact is one of the bloodstones of Arazni. Once they are in possession of the stone, they with gain a mythic tier.

After that, they will eventually figure out what it is by researching in Absalom or maybe last wall (they are currently in Ustalav). Then they will be encouraged to find the remaining bloodstones and then confront Arazni with the combined power of the bloodstones to defeat her. Each bloodstone will be a major quest that will take them multiple levels to complete. They will be hounded every step of the way by Arazni's grave knights, and possibly some crazy Iomedae/Aroden worshippers.

I want to tie adding mythic tiers to accumulating more of the stones. So I'm going to skip the lesser trial rules, and give them more tiers when they get their hands on each stone. I am wondering how to spread out the tiers. Should I give them 2 tiers per stone (so all four would put them at 8) and the last two if they defeat Arazni? Or just stick with 1 per stone?

Thoughts? It all seems a bit Monty Hall, but I can surely keep them challenged ;). Also, the stones have a serious drawback.

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