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Dragon PLayer Campaign test. Need help with building players.


Hello everyone. I'm trying to building characters as a test build for a dragon party campaign.

As such i've been asked to try and make three dragon as a test and with gm approved character classes.

So thats when i reached a dead wall I'm having trouble building the characters because the beastary did not state how they get some of their powers or other stats (like BAB+0 at wyvenling and +7 at young?)

The three characters i'm trying to build are

-Young Chromatic White Dragon (CR6)sorcerer 1)
-Young Brass Metallic Dragon (CR7) Druid 1)
-Young Primal Crystal Dragon (Cr7) Fighter 1)

All of them have the lowest CR as wyvenling which is why i am picking them as a test. Imperial dragon are out of the question.

Thank you guys.

I'm confused. While I've never done this before, I just checked the Monsters as PCs section. It appears to me that you just start with the young dragon and add the class on top like a multi-class.

So does that mean we just pick up all the stats off of the young dragon stats including all the feats it already has and other stuff? I know i take the powers but calculation wise some of the stats don't add up.

Like the white dragon fort save for example. He has a fortitude of 8. But he only has a con modifier of +3. And as a first level sorcerer he has a fort save of +0.

The reason why I ask is because at some point in the game we will move from young dragon to juvenile and probably end at young adult so thats why I'm building them using this method so that i can see how they "grow".

Or would you guys suggest that we stick to one version (i.e young adult) and multiclass from there?

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