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Oracle1 / Bard10 -- Can I get the feat "Divine interference"?

Rules Questions

Hi guys! I am playing a Bard with a 1-level dip in Oracle... and i am wondering if I can take the feat "Divine Interference" when I reach 10th level of bard.

It says in the Feat Prereqs:
"Prerequisites: Divine spellcaster, caster level 10th."

I am a divine spellcaster as an oracle can cast divine spells. I will have CL 10 for bard when I level up to Oracle1/Bard10...

In the definition of "Caster level" is says:

"A spell's power often depends on its caster level, which for most spellcasting characters is equal to her class level in the class she's using to cast the spell."

This is relating to a feat and not a spell, so I am not sure if this statement means anything one way or another (supporting because it is saying usually but not necessarily always in the class in question) or what-have-you.

So... Is there anything in the rules definitively that I can CITE that would enable me, or not enable me to have this feat? Would like it, but not enough to break any rules!

Please help!

Grand Lodge

Unless the feat receives errata, you meet both prerequisites and nothing requires them to be connected.

I love you, Starglim! This is great news!

I'm going to keep watching the thread to see if anybody can cite a stronger case for "can't" but this is very encouraging... I would like to believe this as well, as read most literally I thought the exact same thing or I wouldn't have asked...

...But corroboration is awesome!

That is a nice feat. Why not get a dual curse oracle and get the misfortune revelation. You can use that on more than attack rolls, like saves and such too. Heck I used it on an ally when they rolled a 1 to save.

I wish I had read the Dual-Curse part when I first generated the character... too late now, but I *LOVE* re-roll powers. (Cry)

There's no way to get this dual curse after 1st level, is there?

Maybe if you piss of a few more gods then one of them will curse you again?
In other words: GM fiat, talk to him.

He's of the "Ummmm... No." variety of GMs...

if it's not in the rules, I can forget about it.

I love the guy, but I'm not sure If I'm not more on giving somebody else a turn to GM after this (Gasp... ENTIRE AP)...

By RAW you must select an archetype when you take the first level in that class, even if it only kicks in a lot later.
So RAW is pretty clear a "No" as well, which means you're probably out of luck.

Thanks for the good word, Quatar -- even if it's not the word I wanted. :D

I don't know that this is my personal interpretation, but you could also read the requirements of the feat a different way. It could be one requirement rather than 2: i.e., "Divine spellcaster OF caster level 10th."

Though generally I think that goes against the usual format.

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you could take this one step farther and get the trait "magical knack" and get your caster level to bard with a plus 2 and be able to take this feat one level early :>

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