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ShadowSea kickstarter: awesome miniatures


Apologies to any mini-buffs here - I'm a dabbler and more of an enthusiast than hard-core miniaturist.

Here's a beautifully crafted set of fantastic miniatures and game by Antimatter Games.

ShadowSea Kickstarter

Check out the artwork! Reapers Bones are cool, but some of these are equally beautiful...

Scarab Sages

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Some of the Aztec inspired ones are gorgeous....

The Deep Wars figures, especially the scaly Horde will be great in the Shackled Sea. Beware my players.

Sovereign Court

I've been eyeballing the dark mariners for a while - it's a shame all the other kickstarters have sucked up my money.

16 hrs to go and closing in on the required funding. If you want to get some really cool minis to add to your collection then follow the link in the OP.

They have an option just for pledging for single minis and adding as many as you want. Also some interesting elite pledges. Check it out before it ends!

Wow, they are beautiful. Pity they didn't get funded. I possibly would have pledged if other KS's hadn't taken all the cash from my poor wallet. Hope they manage to get the funds or do another KS.

They were really really close. o.O

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