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Trickster Attack Surprise strike?

Player Feedback

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So how does this function?

Surprise Strike (Ex): wrote:

You can expend one use of mythic

power to make a melee or ranged attack at a target within
30 feet
as a swift action (in addition to any other attacks
you might make this round). When you make a surprise
strike, the target is considered f lat-footed regardless of
any class features or abilities it might have, and you add
your trickster tier as an insight bonus on the attack roll.
Damage from this attack bypasses damage reduction

Perhaps it´s about semantics and the melee attack is not about a target in 30 ft range^^

Paizo Employee Lead Designer


That should read "a melee attack or a ranged attack at a target within 30 feet".

Ill note the correction.

This thread is moved to the Player Feedback Forum.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Is it affected by things like Precise Shot or feats in general?

Pendin Fust wrote:
Is it affected by things like Precise Shot or feats in general?

I'd assume it is affected by any abilities that don't require the attack to be made as a standard action or as part of a full-attack. So no Vital Strike, but Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack and the like will work.

*Whistles appreciatively* Suddenly all those people who want to play a dagger throwing build have something!

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Considering you fuel it with mythic power points, you can´t do that all day.

Liberty's Edge

is it just me or does the rogue class (or at least what exemplifies it best, the trickster) once again get left in the dust by developers. They got terrible mythic progression/abilities and are far worse than the other ones (especially archmage). Why does paizo always make me feel like everyone who works there hates rogues and will NEVER bring them up to par with every single other class. This is such a good book to balance them with to.

i would suggest more unique abilities that no other class can use rather than just an extra swift attack that uses points ect.(snore)

also the mythic abilities that give +2 to 2 skills and then like one 20 a day are horrible. My vote is to replace them with something unique and newly designed, not the same old slightly more powerful rip off of feats that no one takes from the original books!

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16, 2012 Top 32

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Sigil87 wrote:
is it just me or does the rogue class (or at least what exemplifies it best, the trickster) once again get left in the dust by developers.

Results from my playtest support your assertion that rogue tricksters aren't that great in mythic play. Other class-and-path combos get lots of interesting, rule-breaking abilities, while rogue tricksters get slightly better at the situational stuff rogues can already do fairly well.

Sudden strike is nice (as is supreme stealth), but rogue tricksters could really benefit from some mythic abilities that let move around large battlefields, allowing them to actually use abilities with a range of 30 feet.

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