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Mythic Subtype and Simple Mythic Templates

GM Feedback

I maybe daft and realize how they go together but how do they interact?

Do they gain the stuff of the template and the stuff of the mythic subtype?

Also, spells and spell like abilities count as part of the special monster rules yes?

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

If you get a mythic simple template, you do not get the subtype. You count as a mythic creature, but you do not get all the benefits that come with the subtype, just the template.

I'm moving this to the GM Feedback forum.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Thank you :)

An Agile (MR 1) Choker was a very powerful opponent for the Level 1 MR 1 group I play tested.

Jason, when building Mythic subtype creature for the additional mythic abilities do we just pick and choose what we want from the Mythic paths or teirs? example the Trarrasque here Tarrasque.

Could one of the mythic ablitys to it be Mythic Saves? Basicly what are we limited to picking when creating these creatures.

I am thinking this Tarrasque mythic ablities could be
1 Amazing init
2 Mythic saves
3 Unstoppable
4 Sudden Attack (from champ)
5 Perfect strike??
6 Sweeping strike (from guard)

Also, how would you progress a mythic creature after applying the say divine template?

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