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Saint Bernard's Bard and Magus Play Test Results L1 / T1

Player Feedback

Both characters are built to be PFS legal with the Mythic tier added on. The playtest environment is World's Largest Dungeon, which is the most plain vanilla environment I have. Both characters are using rapiers as weapons and leather armor. The magus is a dual path Champion/Archmage and the bard is a arcane duelist with Champion. Both have selected weapon finesse as their first feat. The bard has taken path ability, mythic spells, and the magus has taken competant caster. Both have taken the fleet charge from the champion strike and the magus has taken mage strike from archmage arcana. The bard selected weapon finess (mythic) as his mythic feat.

The first thing I noticed about the two characters is how resource intensive they were. Each character has three finite pools of resources; spells, arcane pool/bard performance, and mythic power points. My solution was to use spell cards and pull out my Iron Heroes tokens for the two pools each character had. I expect this aspect to be the same for any class with some kind of uses per day pool.

In fighting the goblem, the lack of BAB became apparent. It was not so bad for the bard; 0 BAB but a +3 from weapon finesse. Spell combat with the magus was a lot of flurry of misses. Bardic performance was a necessity in combat. Fleet charge is absolutely awesome for closing the distance to an opponent. With the magus, the fleet charge followed by a spell combat using ray of frost killed a hobgoblin chief in one round. Not having to make the concentration roll due to competent caster made the magus much more effective. Weapon finesse (mythic) allowed the bard to be more effective in any round the magus did not use spell combat.

Conclusions: At L1/T1 the characters did not appear to be significantly more powerful that a L2 character. The biggest difference was more options in combat. The next mythic feat for the bard will be arcane strike (mythic), which I can see will negate any need for bladethrist. Arcane strike (mythic) is just better both for power and versatility. I can't see using the ability to expend a mythic power point for anything other than bane, something neither the bard nor magus can do naturally.

Mythic rules make the characters more complex and probably not a good addition for casual players. Next playtest I will jump the characters to L6/T3.

What was the mythic feat the magus took?

Shadow Lodge

Dual Path.

Ah, right.

Do you know what they are planning on grabbing?

I haven't decided on which mythic feat the magus is grabbing next. The arcane duelist is much more straight foward. Any suggestions?

Mythic weapon finesse?

That was what I had thought about, I look over the material again tonight with I advance the characters.

Dual Focus? If finite resources is a thing it might be worth doubling up on them.

Mythic Paragon is also useful.

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