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The Wages of Immortality


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Thuvia is a land of few mercies. What life cannot be claimed by the endless desert can fall prey to the vicious Div that stalk the sand, or the fickle Water Lords, territorial men who fight over the few precious oases and the prized and sought-after Sun Orchid, source of the land's solitary mercy. The few plants that harvested are sent to the Citadel of the Alchemist, where they are distilled into an concoction that reverses the effects of time, the Sun Orchid Elixir. Each year, carried by a blind, mute servant, a case emerges from the fortress, and each year, one of the five city-states auctions off the six vials within.

This ancient tradition is the heart of the Thuvian economy, and as such, the elixir is the source of much intrigue, violence and plotting. While the lords of the five city-states strive to keep the trade open and unabetted, there are many who would usurp the practice for their own reasons, be they the profane, the personal ...or the profitable.

Accepting submissions for a party of four to six palyers. Characters are mercenaries or associated with the church of Gozreh in some vague way. Deadline is the 25th of November.

This campaign will mostly focus on and take place in the nation of Thuvia. Ideally, there will be a good mix of political intrigue, action and old fashioned, Indiana Jones-style tomb-raiding.

Ability scores: 20 pt buy
Starting level: Characters start at fifth level.
Class: Any, no 3rd party.
Races: Any, though races from the ARG will need approval (Alternate racial traits from the ARG are fine)
Traits: Two, from different categories.

Starting Wealth: 10,500 gold
Starting Items: Wealth spending guidelines are below. Follow them loosely. nothing with a +2 magical bonus or better. (this is not lose)
Items do not need to be complete in order to be considered for a spot.

Spending Breakdown:

Weapons: 30% (3150 gold)

Armor 30% (3150 gold)

Magic: rings, amulets, etc. 25% (2625 gold)

Limited use: potions, wands etc: 10% (1050 gold)

Basic Gear, non-magical: Any

Starting location: City of Duwwor in south-west Thuvia

Alignment: Alignment rules will be largely ignored in this campaign. Spells like detect evil and protection from evil will usually only work against the undead, extraplanar, and the like. Channeling will work normally.

As such, you do not need to state an alignment in profile.


Specific info I need in your character's background:

Why is your character in Thuvia? Native? Exile? Wanderer?

Why is your character a sellsword(or sell-whatever)

any information on past and family.

What of past successes and failures? your characters are extraordinary at 5th level, approaching legendary might in the eyes of the common man. How have they gotten there?

An idea of the character's personality is useful.

Anything else you feel like including in the background. I like about a page of info that I can use against you/with you/actually, mostly against you.

Please post any questions, and good luck.

For a feel of how I run my games, my Carrion Crown game can be found here.

Would Tiefling be an acceptable race? I've had an idea for a Tiefling Ranger using the Natural Weapon style for a while now. It does use an ARG alternate racial trait and (obviously) a non-core race, so I thought it would be best to run it past you.

i think that'll work.

given the desert environment, would you allow an Ifrit Gunslinger/Alchemist?


Cool, I'll do a write up for you in a second. Would you be willing to give any hints, Player's Guide style, as to smart favored enemies?
If not I can take a broadly useful one like magical beasts or undead.

@misterlunch: Just a little over the top for my taste.

@ptolmaeus: well, consider your character background and go with what would fit. he need not be from a desert area.

Anything that prowls the desert is gonna be a good choice. Undead couldnt hurt either. just pick somethign that fits the character and background really.

i.e. if you have a good reason as to why they are your favored enemy in your background then ill feel more compelled to have you encounter them.

no worries. would it be viable as a human?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Thinking of a Desert Druid with the Dessert Domain.

@misterlunch: indeed.

@monkeygod: Desert druid with dessert domain? We talking pies? Ice creams? baked goods? This is important!

DM Corvus wrote:
@monkeygod: Desert druid with dessert domain? We talking pies? Ice creams? baked goods? This is important!

It is based on level. French Silk Pie is harder to summon than Vanilla Ice Cream, unless you take into account the desert penalty. ;)

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Well, likely baked goods. I work at a large grocery store and have a hook up via the bakery manager.

Dark Archive

I would like to try a cleric with versatile channeling. Likely human, but could be Assimar, if they are allowed.

I really like the idea of starting at lvl 5. Its the beginning of the sweet spot imho as far as play enjoyment goes.

Bakery manager .. A.K.A. High Priest

Would you mind if I squandered my weapon wealth on an body wrap of might strikes?

dot for interest.

@ptolmaeus: fine by me.

Shadow Lodge

How would you feel about a goblin wizard?

Bighead Inkyskin:
Bighead Inkyskin was born into the goblin tribe of the Long-Necks. Most of the little green devils prided themselves on their very tall and very thin necks, often laughing and saying "Long-necks see tall-folks coming first!". Bighead unfortunately was born with almost no neck, but was gifted with an abnormally huge head (Balloon-Headed racial trait). While his mother was irritated and tried to eat him, Chief Dogtail had a brainwave. Bigger head. Bigger head meant bigger soul, and bigger brains. So, Chief Dogtail took the young nipper into his hut and taught him to read, figuring the boy would be able to learn more words than other goblins before his soul rotted. Time passed and Bighead grew into a powerful wizard with knowledge of many, many words. Lots of Long-Necks disliked and feared him for this, but he summoned fire a few times and slaughtered some tall-folks when they came with axes and that, coupled with poor goblin long-term memory, kept him safe and moderately popular. Dogtail, at Bighead's pleading, sent him out into the wide world to learn more words, on the condition that he would come back and teach them to chief when he was done.

Smarter than other goblins, Bighead had a different idea about his huge cranium. He decided that all souls were of equal size; but, with his big head, maybe he could fit two in there! So he made himself a soul from the words in the chief's books, which he stole from tall-legs, and used that to store and cast his magic words. After his first few months out of the village and among the tall-folks, Bighead's word-soul became even more different to his goblin-soul, developing its own tongue and thoughts. Good thing Bighead managed to keep control and switch between the two, otherwise he might not go to the great god Hadregash's side when he did.

Hi can this character work? Will write a suitable background later.

3 Fighter Phalanx Soldier/ 2 Cavalier Honor Guard

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

How would you feel about an Elf with the Desert Runner and Elemental Resistance(fire), going as I said, Desert Druid with the Desert Domain?

How is HP being handled? Average or rolled?

Also, how do you feel about a Musket Master? I have been rolling around an idea for a gunslinger for a bit now and I think I want to see what I can come up with.

What level of firearms would you be using? Emerging, commonplace, or everywhere?


Rasso needs a home. I'll need to slightly rewrite his background and tweak stats to match your requirements. But you should get the idea from the profile as is now.

Edit:Updating him now, should be done momentarily.

@monkey: that's fine.

@moff. Full at first level, half +con for the rest. Emerging firearms.

@ark: goblin wouldn't really work.

Dotting for interest. I'm waiting to hear about another campaign recruitment sometime within the next 24 hours, and if I get accepted I'll likely have to reconsider involvement with this one, but I'm bored and enjoy the character creation process :)

Thinking about an Arcane Duelist bard merecenary. Maybe with a Middle Eastern dance flair

I've got a Lore Warden (played a bit like a duelist, might ultimately go that way) I made for a Legacy of Fire campaign that never got off the ground. He's already desert-focused (though from Katapesh). I'm rebuilding him to 5th level under this alias.

Question for you: how loose can we be with the spending guidelines? The budgets for armor and weapons are well over the cost of +1 items, but well below the cost of +2 items, so in both cases we'd be getting some change with our purchase. Can we go as high as 4000 GP on a given item?

And your Carrion Crown PbP looks really great - good bunch of players you've got there - I especially enjoyed Sour Heck's understated doomsaying.

Would you be fine with an Ifirt wishcrafter?

Khol Karis
Male, Mutt-Tiefling, Ranger (Shapeshifter) 5
Initiative: +4
Senses: Darkvision 60ft, Perception +9
Land Speed: 30ft

Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 8

AC: 23
Touch: 14
Flat-Footed: 19
Resistances: 5 Cold/Elec/Fire
Fort: 5
Ref: 7
Will: 3
CMD: 22

BAB: 5
CMB: 8

Claws x2
Attack Bonus: 10
Damage: 1d6+4
Crit: x2

Masterwork Bardiche
Attack Bonus: 9
Damage: 1d10+6
Crit: 19-20x2


+1 Living Steel Breastplate
AC: +7
Max Dex: +3
Penalty: -3

Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 8 (3+0+5)
Knowledge (Nature): 8 (3+0+5)
Knowledge (Planes): 5 (0+0+5)
Perception: 9 (3+1+5)
Survival: 9 (3+1+5)
Stealth: 11 (3+3+5)

Sundry Items:

Gold: 612 gp
Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes +1: Add an enhancement bonus of +1 on one attack and damage roll for one specific attack, not all attacks made that round). May use this item an additional time per round when BAB reaches +6, +11, and +16.
Ring of Deflection +1
Ioun Stone (Cracked Dusty Rose Prism): +1 to initiative

Wand of Cure Light Wounds 50/50
Invisibility Potion

Class Abilities:
Favored Enemy: Bonus to Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Gets a bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. May make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify.
+4: Evil Outsiders
+2: Magical Beasts

Track: A ranger adds half his level (+2) to Survival skill checks made to follow or identify tracks.

Wild Empathy

Combat Style: Natural Weapon

Bonus Fear: Endurance

Shapeshift: Swift Action, once per day, rds=lvl+wis mod (6)
Form of the Cat: +10 to base land speed, +4 to Acrobatics/Climb

Hunter's Bond: Move action to grant half his favored enemy bonus against a single target of the appropriate type to all allies within 30 feet who can see or hear him. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the ranger's Wisdom modifier

Per Day:
1st: 1

1st: Endure Elements

Feats and Traits:

Armor Expert: Lowers AC penalty by 1
Indomitable Faith: +1 to Will saves

1st Level: Weapon Focus (Claw): +1 to attack
Combat Style: Improved Natural Weapon (Claws): Damage increases to 1d6
3rd Level: Armor of the Pit: +2 Natural Armor to AC
Bonus Fear: Endurance
5th Level: Rending Claws: If you hit a creature with two claw attacks in the same turn, the second claw attack deals an additional 1d6 points of damage. This damage is precision damage and is not multiplied on a critical hit. You can use this feat once per round.

Fiendish Resistance: 5 Cold/elec/fire
Skilled: Tieflings gain a +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Stealth checks
Maw or Claw: (Replaces Spell-like Ability) Gain two claws attacks, 1d4 damage
Darkvision: 60ft
Prehensile Tail: (Replaces fiendish sorcery) Can use tail to retrieve small objects carried on their persons as a swift action.

A native of Thuvia, Khol is a product of humanity's fascination with power. He is obviously a tiefling, horn, tails and all. Somewhere along his family line, an ancestor of his had a dalliance with a fiend and a few generations later, up cropped Khol. He does not have the luxury of having a strong enough connection to his fiendish side to display recognizable characteristics he can cash in on.

What started as a reflexive escape to keep the ignorant locals from burning buildings down around his ears soon became a business. Khol got very good at surviving out in the shifting sands of Thuvia, occasionally stealing from the odd Water Lord or killing passing divs. His legend grew when he hunted down the Orhtrus of Lamasara. After a long hunt across the sands he slew and skinned the beast that had been tormenting and preying on the citizens of Lamasara for several months.

With that his infamy as a ghost of the sands grew enough that people began to seek out the fiend-touched bandit. He is known to be one of your best bets for getting across the desert safely and out of the clutches of wily divs or men who would slit your throat for the water you carried.

Recently, he has returned to Duwwor at the news of his twin sister's death. She was born fully human and thus aged as humans do. So as he reached his full maturity, she was past her prime and when he was an established wanderer of the wastes, she was a rickety old woman. He was begun to consider time something of a tyrant but often shakes off such musing as the product of too much time out in the sands without human interaction. Philosophizing is the first sure sign of a descent into madness.

He has shacked up in a whorehouse in Duwwor to wait out the festivities surrounding the Sun Orchid Elixir's auction before putting his sister to rest. It is a common haunt of his in Duwwor, a few of the ladies even have outsider blood like him.

The local desert druids have been eyeing him the entire time, worrying that he is planning on cutting into their turf. They have a monopoly on desert guides in Duwwor and guard the position jealously. Khol has no such plans but mistakes are easily made and the longer he stays the less hospitable the druids become. He just wants the Sun Orchid Elixir to be sold so that he can take care of his sister and leave.

@Ajkanir: Your example is fine for spending. Like I said, very loose, just nothing over a +1.

@BPA I'm not wild about Ifrit, frankly. Wishcrafter seems like a really cool archetype, though so why not? It'll ultimately come down to the background of the character.

@leanidas: I like the character, just need more info on why she would be in Thuvia, how she became a mercenary etc. Also, what nation is she from?

Portia Zayed, a former initiate of the Dawnflower Dervishes, now turned a sellsword and dancer. Formally, she's now an Arcane Duelist, but she might still see herself as a Dervish at heart.


Portia was born in Sothis in Osirion, the youngest child of a family closely tied to the Church of Sarenrae. At an early age, her father taught her how to handle the goddess’ sacred weapon, the scimitar. It was her mother, Alexandra, however, who taught her the passion of dance. Passed down from her mother and grandmother before her, Alexandra taught Portia and her older sister, Sarai, the intricate and alluring movements that were told to be able to bring fire to men’s blood. A shake of the hips, swaying arms, colorful veils, jingling coins - Portia loved it all. Sarai blended dance and swordplay to become a Dawnflower Dervish, and Portia was intent on following her sister into Sarenrae’s service too.

When Portia began her training at the temple, however, her life quickly took a turn. Like her sister, Portia showed a talent for arcane magic, perhaps fueled by her half-elven blood. She learned to blend magic and swordplay in her first year of training. Things were going so well for Portia. Towards the end of that year, she was even asked to showcase her dancing at a temple festival. As she danced, she saw a very handsome young man who was watching every spin, shake, twirl, and flip she did. During the rest of the festival she and Tiran danced several times, each one closer and closer until they were in each other arms, kissing. It was the best day of her life.

The next day was the worst day of her life. Tiran, she learned, was all but betrothed to Ismarelda, a older acolyte in the Church and a jealous, vindictive one at that. From then on Ismarelda made it her personal goal to see Portia humiliated and humbled at every turn. Tiran was no help himself as he quickly shunned Portia to keep on Ismarelda’s good side. She made Portia’s studies, practice, and even simple living a battle at every step. For the next year, Portia counted the days in evenings she did not cry herself to sleep rather than those she did. Finally, she decided she had enough of Ismarelda’s bullying. She confronted the girl, angrily boasting that she had continued to see Tirian behind Ismarelda’s back, even bedding him. She shouted that Ismarelda was no match for her charms and her dancing. It was a lie, but the look on the girl’s face was worth it. What she didn’t count on was Ismarelda pulling a dagger on her. Portia dodged and spun away from the attacks, thankful her dancing provided her an edge. She managed to reach one of the many scimitars in the temple and now the advantage was hers. Fueled by the anger and humiliation she has suffered, Portia drove at Ismarelda, whirling around for quick strikes. She even poured her magic into the strikes, cutting deep into her opponent’s skin. When it was over, the priests found Portia standing over Ismarelda’s bloody body. The girl was dead.

Things moved quickly after that. While everyone knew the grief Portia has endured, there was no way Ismarelda’s death could be condoned. She was removed from the temple and given a black mark in the church records. Crestfallen, angry, and only a little apologetic as to what had happened, Portia hitched a ride with the next merchant train out of the city. She left her home and family behind, trying to make her living dancing in inns. She also found her skill with the scimitar useful and began to make money as a sellsword. While she no longer serves the Church of Sarenrae, she still counts herself among the Dawnflower’s faithful. Recently, she’s heard of money to be made in Thuvia. Perhaps getting out of Osirion would be good for her.

I have a concept for an inquisitor of Gozreh I'd like to submit. I still have some work to do on his background, personality and gear, but it would be great to get some preliminary feedback. His ties to the Church of Gozreh may be too strong for what you have in mind and if so, I may submit a different character.

I am bowing out of the recruitment.

To those who make it, have fun!

Here's my Ifrit wishcrafter Adja Alfar. I just need to do equipment. Let me know if there is anything wrong or anything more you want.

Any suggestion for information on Thuvia, all the online stuff seems pretty sketchy. Are you taking any real world nation/s as inspiration for culture, accents, etc.? If so which? I'm considering a few concepts, but druid is probably first in my mind at the moment, what animals are appropriate to the area? Are dinosaurs a no go?

I'm contemplating having a background focused upon fighting against the Divs and opposing Ahriman. Possibly a Sylph since Ahriman is a sort of anti genie if I'm understanding things right. Would that work?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What would you think of a Dex-based Sylph Magus focusing on electricity spells? I'll put up an alias for it soon.

Liberty's Edge

one question: you say "any" under races, are you allowing templates?

@daynen: Templates? Not familiar with what you mean there.

@shalm: Not wild about slyphs as a race in general, but if the back story is good enough

@ DM CARPE: North african desert. Mostly nomads (The Water lords) with a few solid cities built around trade. Dinosaurs might work if your character is from farther south on Garund. See above regarding Slyphs. In terms of Pathfinder human cultures, they are mostly Garundi, with some Keleshite (in the east) and Mwangi (in the south) influence as well.

As posted above however, the Sun Orchid Elixir draws people from all over.

@Zahur: Very nice. I wouldn't see your charater as someone the church of Gozreh would be... openly supportive of, but certainly fits with Thuvia and Gozreh's obvious strife with the Div's that stalk the desert and the cultists that would populate the cities.

By templates he means Werewolf, Half-Dragon etc. The answer will of course be no.

Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I'll take it that direction where he is part of a splinter or sect viewed with trepidation by the rest of the church. Perhaps not outright banned, but definitely using tactics the church overall does not support.

@rasso / daynen: yeah, what the fish-man said.

Posting as Shalm's alias Lissa Stills, female Sylph Magus 5. I hope you find her story intriguing.

Hello DM Corvus! Fiddle Hixblitz, half mad cleric of Groetus for your consideration. Was originally made for a level one game so I'll revamp him if the idea is liked. Quick scan of his background reveals that his teacher tried to open a portal to the void that sucked up Fiddle (not his real name) and trapped him there for 10 years. Emerging, he no longer remembered anything of his former life, or really of life at all. Focuses on debuff and mind affecting magic. Love to hear thoughts on him

Also, since Groetus is a demigod under Pharasma, he would have a vested interest in keeping the balance

DM Corvus wrote:
@leanidas: I like the character, just need more info on why she would be in Thuvia, how she became a mercenary etc. Also, what nation is she from?

Hailing from the elite Phalanx unit in Osirion, her liege and Brother died in the hands of Katapesh assassins. Viewing it as a dishonorable act, she seek her would be assassins and managed to track down the Katapesh Lords that sent the assassin.

The battle took place in a remote part of the Katapesh desert, a fierce battle took place when she ambushed the caravan. Famed shaonti assassins administered poison into their spears as she killed every single one of them, the poison have already gotten into her system as she collapses in pain.

waking up she found herself in the care of a priest of Gozreh, but due to the poison she has amnesia, but the priest mentioned she might be a mercenary. Seeking out to Thuvia, she seeks to find her memories.

just a brief outline. tell me if it works.

Dark Archive

imma go ahead and dot this. I will most defiantly upload a character here later tonight

Dark Archive

Im going supreme dwarven tank (fighter, armor master)

End that character with stalwart defender, and if it's anything like mine it'll make a great wyrm dragon look fragile

@Corvus: is there anything I need to fix with my character?

Dark Archive

Fiddle Hixblitz wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

you read my mind man. Thats what i was wanting to do :). just an ULTIMATE damage taker(tank). I want him to be a very prestige like knight acting almost. Im going to call him like "Dravis the Sentry" or something. It will be a fun character i think

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