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[LPJ Design] The 2012 Black Friday / Cyber Monday $1 Sale for EARLY BIRDS!!!

Product Discussion

OK as a surprise to everyone who has supported us for all these years we are starting our 2012 Black Friday / Cyber Monday $1 Sale a WEEK EARLY as in RIGHT NOW!!! This is the sale you cannot pass up! It’s the 2012 Black Friday / Cyber Monday $1 Sale going on NOW!!!! If you have been saving your money wait for these great deals, now is the time to break open your piggy bank and spend it!!! The pricing is as follows:

• All products with a price range of $1.01 to $4.99 are ONLY $1!!!
• All products with a price range of $5.00 to $9.99 are 50% off!!!
• All products with a price range of $10.00 and higher are 25% OFF their normal price

This sale only happens once a year and NOW is your time to start buying and saving money! Thanks for your support this year of LPJ Design. We couldn’t do it without you.

Exclusively at

Done forget there are a lot of products for sales at only $1. So go and take a look and see what you can save money on.

Took the opportunity to get a whole bunch of NeoExodus PDFs that were sitting in my wishlists for a long time. Will have lots to read over the Xmas holidays.

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