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Setting parameters for wish as a combat spell

GM Feedback

Since there'll be L17/T8 characters fighting demon lords and such, I feel it'd be good to know the limits of wish. I asked James, but...

James Jacobs wrote:
AlgaeNymph wrote:

Suppose I'm using multiple wishes to debuff Treerazer. Can I use a wish to…

1. Reduce his spell resistance? Remove it?

2. Make his summoned demons disappear? Prevent him from summoning them?

3. Reduce his bonus to reflex (or one other) saves? Or to all saves? Remove being able to make reflex (or one other) saves? Or (again) to all saves? Reduce his dexterity to 1? To 0?

4. Remove his fire resistance? Remove his energy resistances? Remove his poison (or other)immunity? Remove all his immunities?

You could probably do all of those things, perhaps multiple things with one wish depending on how it was worded. Wish is entirely in the hands of the GM as to what it can do in a case like this.

So, how would you as GM adjudicate wish?

A player using Wish/Limited wish can emulate any other spell already existing of the same level or under.
Is how i use it as DM.

That's as good as guide as any. Old school gamer I am I'm used to wish doing anything but I guess now that would be mythic wish.

Powerful mythic spellcaster would have some kind of contingency set up to maintain their defences in a mythic combat....


This has precedent for the Tarrasque. I would probably let a Wish spell suppress several traits, if there was a good thematic explanation for how it worked. I would err towards less rather than more though.

Scarab Sages Contributor

Aside from the literal description of wish, I always noted that it was a conjuration spell (back in the day), and therefore a caster could ask (ie wish) for any sort of conjured material provision. So you can have any spell effect or you can have any provision summoned.

The problem with wishing away all SR is metamechanic references. Why not wish Treerazer had an AC of zero? Or for him to simply fail his next save? I say there are plenty of resources to beat back the bad guys without having to risk breaching that barrier.

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