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Prequel and adventures with carrion crown (warning: spoilers)

Carrion Crown

hi i recently start a dming the carrion crown to my players, and since the begining i want to make more suitable to my players...

first of all: my players dont will adopt the idea of lorrimor as an background friend... to give them more flavor i do switchers:

1.- Ravengro 4660-4661 session:


i took the npcs from the gmg as guards, and dungeons and gave them one per player, all of them were employed at the prision, the five prisioners were captured by them (because ravengro was a great city in that time)
then one night session was to tell them the background, known Lyvar and Vesoriana, then at the moment of the fire, at the moment when vesorianas enter to the prision i narrated the whole fire and that night sessions ends with theyre new characters entering at ravengro with an invitation from the proffesor.

in the present, i started the adventure at the sunday 28th (october)
so in my adventure was Sunday, 28th Lamashan

the players begins separate at the outsirts of the town, and were ambushed by some encounters to make them flee and found each other int the way
a 3 rogues ambushing a player A
player B found one chariage whit a broken wheell being (his sun yields from inside the carriage) attacked by fast undeads
player C appears up his horse who drop her at he momment which start fleeing cause an undead ambush begins
and so... then they found each others, and help the man at the carriage issue, at the end he present himself guy of the chariot and present Zokar Elkarid (the very same owner of the laughing demon Tavern)

then they knew a man:

Auren Vrood.
who help them and told some part of the history at the momment and make some quests for them.

after a few days theyr arrival, the man disapear, and then 3 days after, begins the HoH
at the end, they´ll reach Assension to mythic tier 1 (to playtest)given from .

vesoriana for release the prision.

Kendra ask them to sail throught the river down to Carrion Hill in search for Lorrimor´s youngest Brother: Albus (all stories for albus is up to you, im thinking to vanish him as a one of the madman int the assylum), and there, we resolve that module Carrion Hill (because the players maybe still has reach 4th, the module needs some patches, but its a 3.5 module, and they are pfrpg characters with one mithyc rank so, i think this cant be a problem at all, and with the diference the module should be more ravenloft though one)

in Lepisdat they solve as a secondary quest SO #3-16 The Midnight Mauler society scenario

and in Karcau they can solve SO47 The Darkest Vengeance

at the end of each of the six AP, im planning to give them a tier, so at the end they might be lvl 16-20 tier 6

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