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Which spells to prepare.


Ok, so I thought there were a thread or two before that went over this subject, but I guess I'm wording it incorrectly on the google, because I couldn't seem to find it.

As for the advice being sought, I'm going to be playing a Wood Wizard for a Kingmaker game starting tomorrow night. I've chosen my spells already (Sent to the DM) however I'm looking for some advice in what my general prepared spells should be out of the ones I have chosen.

I tried to chose spells with the suggestions from Treatmonk's guide as well as other guides. I did however slip in an evocation here or there for "emergencies" (using an arcane bond, ring). I have my cantrips pretty much picked out, just need some help with level 1 spells.

I have an INT of 18 total, so 2 slots including my bonus slot plus a slot for my Wood school specialization.

Level 1 Spells Known -
Charm Person* (This is from my specialized school and therefore must be in the Specialized School Slot)
Mage Armor
Burning Hands
Feather Fall
Color Spray
Silent Image

Currently I'm thinking of Charm Person*, Grease and Mage Armor. However, I was thinking of switching Mage Armor out for Silent Image. I'm planning on keeping color spray, feather fall and burning hands back in the book "arcane bond" ready, just in case.

I suppose I could leave a spot open but I'm not sure if my allies will be willing to stand around while the mage studies. I also know that it will depend where I'm at, but I'm looking to have a general prepared spells list to make things a bit quicker for the game. Going with the pre-prepared spell list unless I have an inkling of what may come up the next day.

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. Haven't played a wizard before and I'm trying to be prepared. Thanks.

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Prepare spells you can use in combat.
I would prepare Charm Person, Burning Hands, and either Grease or Color Spray.

Use the Scribe Scroll feat to have other spells ready. Kingmaker is great for item crafting, so use the time and resources to expand your options. With scrolls, try to scribe spells that rely less on caster level than others.

For example, casting Mage Armor from a scroll will allow you to keep a slot open for a spell that is more dependent on caster level.

My opinion,

Specialist slot: Charm Person

Slot 1: Color Spray (This spell wins fights for you. It is just amazing at lower levels, the only other contender for as good in my opinion at level one is Sleep.)

Slot 2: Grease or Silent Image. (I would prefer Silent Image personally, however this is a decision based entirely on gaming group so YMMV.)

Well hope this helps and have fun.

Thanks for the input everyone. I think I have a good idea of what I'll be doing now.

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