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Rise of the Runelords

Okay, so we've been going back and forth on characters and party composition for the RotRL campaign we're going to begin once we finish Skull and Shackles... and since this is sort of the Grandaddy of Pathfinder adventures and there are four of us, we thought maybe it might be a good opportunity to go kind of old-school. This is what we're thinking:

Human Paladin (Oath of Vengeance, Sacred Shield)
Equally effective with greatsword or longbow, heavy investment in Lay on Hands.

Dwarven Ranger (Infiltrator)
Two-Weapon fighter focusing on giants as favored enemy, has a timber wolf animalcompanion.

Halfling Bard (Archeologist)
Knowledge skills, unparralelled trap-finding, healing and buff spells.

Elven Wizard (Evoker)
Good old-fashioned blasting with some utility and battlefield control.

Figure we might get to add Ameiko to the group as a fifth PC/GM mouthpiece... I swear, this group almost has a 1e/2e feel to it.


Paladins are always good in this with the detect evil, smiting, high saves and healing. Lots of wizard loot, Knowledge and trap detection handy. I would nudge the wizard to pick up charm... or someone to pick up intimidate for getting backstory info... Party composition seems pretty good to me

That is eerily similar to our RotRL party that consisted of

Human Paladin - sword and shield style tank, slayer of evil
Dwarf Ranger - also a giant slayer, dual wielded hand axes
Elf Wizard - conjurer instead of evoker, mainly utility and battlefield control, though I still used lots of evocation (my character)
Halfling Rogue - dual wielded short swords and skillmonkey extraordinaire
Gnome Bard - buffer and heavy use of enchantment and illusion magic, general trickster
Human Cleric of Desna - healer, buffer, secondary combatant

We went for a "classical" party type feel too.

The gnome in this game was pretty much the best gnome character I've ever seen played, very tricker-ish and a master of bluff, he learned to play off the paladin who was the main diplomacy guy, going behind him and bluffing where needed, it was brilliant. The halfling was always jealous of the dwarfs darkvision and made jokes about it all the time, he went out of his way to get some goggles of night. It was a fun campaign.

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That is not a bad group Wiggz.

We definitely went old school, by my limiting the PCs to the Core Rule book classes only. Our group is a Fighter, Cleric, Rogue and Sorceress.

I am really old school as I still like seeing a Cleric in a party, but having both a Paladin and a Bard offsets this somewhat.

Look forward to reading about your adventures.



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I've had some players come and go since we started Runelords a year-and-a-half ago, and we're currently with a 4-PC old-school party...

Male Human (Ulfen) barbarian -- Invulnerable Rager archetype. He adopted the replica Ranseur of Alaznist recovered from the Catacombs of Wrath has his main weapon. (In my game, I made the blade mithril and the haft darkwood.)

Male Human (Taldan) wizard -- universalist, no archetype. A scholar of Thassilon. Has Spell Focus (evocation), and does a lot of blasting.

Male Human (no ethnicity) cleric of Sarenrae -- no archetype, but feat and domain power selection specialized in lots of channeling and lots of fire.

Male Half-elf (half Varisian) ranger/rogue -- no archetype. Former Sandpoint town guardsman, replaced a PC killed in the Sihedron Ritual by the Skinsaw Man.

Former PCs (still alive)...

Female Human (Chelaxian) paladin of Iomedae -- no archetype. Was a Hellknight of the Order of the Nail in the past, but resigned after her unit showed no mercy putting down a peasant revolt near Korvosa.

Male Dwarf ranger -- no archetype, crossbow specialist.

Female human (Taldan) rogue/wizard -- sniper archetype. After her player resigned, I repurposed the character as a foil who's working for the Aspis Consortium.

Former PC (deceased)...

Male human (Chelaxian) sorcerer -- no archetype, but had mostly transmutation spells. Killed off-camera by the Skinsaw Man and replaced in the party by a Faceless Stalker for five sessions.

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