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Vital Strike (Mythic)

Player Feedback

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Vital Strike (Mythic) wrote:

You can strike your foes with incredible force with almost no notice.
Prerequisite: Vital Strike, 1st mythic tier.
Benefit: Whenever you use Vital Strike, you deal double the normal amount of damage, including your Strength bonus, magic bonuses, and other bonuses that would normally be multiplied on a critical hit. Extra damage from sources that would not normally be multiplied on a critical hit are not doubled by this effect. In addition, you can use Vital Strike when making a charge, although this multiplication does not stack with other sources of multiplication of damage on a charge, such as using a lance.

What about the rest of the VS chain? Does it stop working? If yes, then the rest of the chain is kinda pointless (unless you're already low damage). If no, then VS is way better than taking the extra iterative attacks.

Aww, I was hoping we'd see errata to make VS work on a charge anyways :)

I imagine that the vital strike chain works as it did originally. Just increase the multiplier one step and then double bonus damage from sources that would be multiplied on a crit.

Some clarification here would be much appreciated. Our GM just added the Mythic playtest into our already high-level campaign, and I already have up through Greater Vital Strike. So would this mean that I would multiply the dice x4 and then double everything else, or multiply everything x4, or it just doesn't work in this scenario?

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