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Arcane archer build


About to start rise of the runelords. Its a 30 point buy and in thinking about going arcane archer/eldritch knight. The problem is what's the best way to get there. Mainly what type of caster should it be using only 1 or 2 caster level.pre AA. Wizards and witches get int based casting for extra skill points with either a few non level based hexes or the ability to teleport school powers. And arcane bond. Or I could go the cha. Based caster with sor bloodlines but I'm leaning toward either bard or summoner if I go cha. Light armor casting summoner's have the best spell list in the game gaining great spells dealt early while bards get skill points and great class abilities and archetypes-arcane duelist. Archaeologist and dervish. Which way would you go?

There are Sorc bloodlines that change you to use Wis or Int for casting, so don't forget about those. I think it really depends on what kind of spells you want: spontaneous or prepared. And that comes down to personal preference, really.


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