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Steam Giant Wanted -- critiques / suggestions / improvements?

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Hello there!

My party is going through the serpent's skull campaign and one of the things our wizard has a fancy for is the Gargantuan Vehicle, the "Steam Giant" -- So I have a few questions, for those familiar with the device (or those willing to look at it)

1) The device costs 80k... is it worth it for what you get? The party is of 4 people, and I suppose everyone can ride in it as a kind of battle platform... but does it seem vulnerable for what you get? any liabilities we might not have foreseen?

2) Because we don't know about Serpent's Skull, how late into the AP do you think it will be before one player could accumulate 80k, and still keep their progression competitive item wise? Is it even possible? If not, to what extent would the party have to contribute to make the goal attainable?

3) What items/spells/combinations/improvements would go well towards making the Steam Giant even more formidable? Any ideas?


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