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The Stag Lord's men and other races *Spoilers*


I am about to run the Stag lord's fort tomorrow and I am not sure how the party of mostly new players are going to play it out but with the party being a 2 humans, an elf and a half orc I am unsure how to play out the possible discrimination the minions will show.

There are only Humans in the bandit's group as far as I can tell and if the players want to infiltrate the fort I am not sure how play this out. how do they pull off being bandits without encountering prejudice and suspicion from the fact that there are no other non human bandits?

Or would you ignore this and let them ignore this to let the new players. I know this is a gm call just wanted other's ideas on it please

Half-Orcs are relatively common in the river kingdoms so passing him off as a mercenary should be fine. Elves are actually more unusual in the region but I'm not sure what the book says about his crew's views.

Caius wrote:
Half-Orcs are relatively common in the river kingdoms so passing him off as a mercenary should be fine. Elves are actually more unusual in the region but I'm not sure what the book says about his crew's views.

It doesn't mention their views apart from being mean nasty bandits for the most part, although there are no non-humans mentioned anywhere in the book as being bandits and I pictured their being prejudiced and they would have heard that there were 'dirty demihuman scum' working for the stag lord. Otherwise they would already be non-humans in the group.

Our DM ran it that while they didn't keep any nonhuman crew themselves, hiring extra muscle for certain jobs wasn't too uncommon. That's how my half-orc inquisitor and the half-elf swashbuckler became the main contacts. We'd actually captured a decent few bandits alive and commuted their sentences if they worked with us in delivering the alcohol shipments. Didn't hurt that me and the elf were the most diplomatic members of the party as well.

It comes down to how you want to run it. With new players I'd probably play a bit soft on the prejudice thing just to make sure some don't feel dumped on for not playing human if you go pretty harsh. Infiltration-wise I I would have all needing to make charisma check to pass themselves off as bandits especially if their characters normally wouldn't do it. Not gonna say strictly which since I'd allow the RP to define success more than the simple roll.

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Greetings, fellow travellers.

As I see it, this decision carries larger consequences than you imply.
It could set the tone for the first 3 books.
Things to consider:

  • you know your players best - can they handle these kind of situations? Aka, do they distinguish between themselves and their alter ego?
  • Do you want the different races to have an impact on the game other than mechanics/crunch?
  • Will it affect future play, e.g. by having them taking seats in the council?

    From my game::
    While the River Kingdoms are inhabitted by a various lot, humans seem predominant; elves, dwarves, and halflings are almost unheard of (NPC-wise).
    Anyways, I picture the people living there sticking to themselves and sticking and trusting to what they know; some foreigners might rub them the wrong way.
    I know I use this kind of prejudice quite a lot, be it only to get the shy and quiet players in my group more involved as these interestingly always end up playing the non-human races - and it really works.


  • Hey, nice avatar! Is there any reason why you couldn't change a couple of the bandits to be other races?

    Alternately, if you want to add a bit of challenge, keep it as is, and let the prejudice influence their roleplay decisions as they negotiate.

    Either way, the Staglord's fort is a lot of fun - enjoy the encounter!

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