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Customized Face Cards?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I don't know if anyone here plays with the Face Cards that Paizo publishes, though I know we do. We have a few NPCs with our campaign that are prevalent to us that we use the face cards for. One of our recent ones we were supposed to have for an NPC (the campaign we are currently in that I made myself) looked ridiculous, and when I searched through them all, I couldn't find any.

Now, I know that it is a little silly, but for proper representation purposes (since I'm sure this is an NPC that will be showing up more often), a card that would properly represent him would be nice to have, but I am confused as to a means to make it happen. I can draw decent enough, and I know full well what the NPC is supposed to look like, but I have no blank cards to work with.

Does Paizo publish any of their Face Cards as Blanks (that is, with the template and everything) for the customers to draw their own NPC Face Cards, or have any such things available for purchase? If not, is there a way that one can obtain blank cards that accurately represent the general Face Cards format and draw their own, since I am sure this problem will be coming up with a couple other NPCs we will be meeting?

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