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Lammasu Spellcasting

Rules Questions

I am a little confused with the lammasu.

From the monster's entry, B3: "A lammasu casts spells as a 7th-level oracle...but does not gain any other class abilities possessed by an oracle..."

So, based on this, does the lammasu gain each spell level's "cure" spell to its list of spells known, as an oracle would, or not?

Checking out the monster's list of spells known, each of spell levels 1-3 has the appropriate cure spell, so it looks like yes.

But, looking at the table for Oracle Spells Known (APG p.45), it also has exactly the right number of spells known per spell level for a 7th-level oracle, WITHOUT counting the cure spells as bonus.

*Confusion abounds*

Any thoughts on this? (I'm converting a 3.5 adventure to Pathfinder with a lammasu, so this is really bugging me atm.)


Spontaneously casting cure spells is a class ability that oracles can have. If a lammasu doesn't have any of the class abilities, it would not have the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells, either. It must choose cure spells as spells known.

Because the lammasu doesn't get cure spells as bonus spells, it is selecting them as part of its spells known.

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