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Do I have a Deity?

Rules Questions

If I am a Druid of the animal domain do I automatically have a deity? The animal domain deity list as far as i know is as follows:
Chalavar (Lesser God)
Thalander (Lesser God)
Valkon (Lesser God)
Am I to understand that by having a deity I also impose additional restriction on my casting ability? I would also think my aliment would need to match the deity. Is their a greater God to go with these as well? If so what is the point of animal domain it is worthless... this would make me believe that most of the time it is a bad idea for a druid to pick a domain at all.

Grand Lodge

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You do not need to worship a deity.


Most druids worship nature as a disembodied force, not an anthropomorphic deity.

And even if you do venerate a deity, none of your class abilities are restricted like a Cleric's, so you can worship any deity you want.

Good feed back thanks!

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