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So they drugged the officers and burned down the ship.

Skull & Shackles

So, you are a free captain of the shackles, you settle down to a dinner of sumptuously prepared reefclaw secure in your knowledge that you are king of your castle. A haze of screams, fire, gunshots and glorious motion as you cut though fools attempting to take your life. the lap of waves a steady rhythm to it all. You think you remember your ships mage tossing lightning bolts at you. As you think on this you are distracted by a large shark attempting to eat you, you dispatch it. As the blood clouds the water below, you realize with shock that it was in fact not a dream.

That is when you see it, in the distance with only the center mast above water is the burned out husk of your beloved Wormwood.
Somehow you were drugged, and in between then and now someone burned your ship to a cinder and scattered your crew to the four winds.

What do you do now?

Suffice it to say due to shenanigans the party of L2 players managed to drug the officers and stage a Coup. It succeeded because Harrigan managed to roll a Nat1 on his fort save.
The druid set the ship on fire to serve as a distraction to him stealing harrigans chest of loot from his bedrrom (he entered through a porthole)
They also tricked Peppery into following them up onto deck, covered her in chum and blasted her into the ocean with a True strike+ hydraulic push combo. Plugg and scouge got a similar treatment and are in the ocean somewhere.
The Ad hoc solution was letting them escape in the jolly boats and row to the nearest land (Bonewrack)
It leaves me the question of what to do with a omnicidally infuriated free captain of the shackles + surviving officers though.

Anyone care to toss me some advice?

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber
Movin wrote:

What do you do now?
Anyone care to toss me some advice?

Proceed with as much of the adventure as written as possible, in general. The name of the PC ship and that of Harrigan's ship when they meet again is not very important. The main thing is for the PCs to have a mutual hatred with Harrigan.

oppps it does beg the question how the heck do you get the PC's on the mans promise so they can have a ship and crew its kind of the point of it all in the first place. I think you may have a lot of thinking here to get the game back on track..

Also depends on which officers were killed, who survived etc as this will affect part 3 and 5. Won't be too much hard work though as names can change although those in the dungeon of part 5 wont have as much shock value if they are dead. as Logic said the ship won't matter. If anything I would think Harrigan is going to be even more pissed.

Who in the crew survived? who is with the pc's, how many are left? Do you leave out Bonwrack isle (essenatily as it stands 2/3 of book 1 will need to be changed and 1/3 of part 2 unless they get a ship and take it to ricketys.

The hardest job I can see is going to be getting them a ship and crew to pilot it though. I don't somehow think that a bunch of level 2 PC's are going to be able to commender a ship by themselves or at least thy should'nt be able too anyway. Once they get the ship somehow though then you should be OK.

Just curious how did the Druid get harrigans treasure as its in a secure locked room with no portholes within his room and how did he get 2 iron chests out of the room? Regardless 10'000 gp buys them a ship I guess. My advice for what it's worth, probably shouldn't have let harrigan end up the way he did, he's a level 16 npc and a nemesis my eyes no way this should have happened the way it did. But I'm sure you will come up with a plan to salvage it.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Where did they get a drug to knock out an NPC on a ship with fixed resources? Also, there are like 9 other high level officers aboard. Why did they not stop the PCs?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Where did they get a drug to knock out an NPC on a ship with fixed resources? Also, there are like 9 other high level officers aboard. Why did they not stop the PCs?

On top of that, Caulky takes the food up-- she's the only one who knows the bypass to the trap besides officers-- and then tastes it in front of Harrigan.

I'm not too sure how that'd work out.

Sooo many questions, How did the PC's get the drop on Peppery and somehow manage to get her, Plugg and Scourge in to the sea using hydralic push? its essenatialy only a bull of them at least should have bben able to fight back. To be honest nothing adds up here. But I Guess its the GM's game and he's the one that has to pick up the pieces of a screwed up game.

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Movin wrote:

The Ad hoc solution was letting them escape in the jolly boats and row to the nearest land (Bonewrack)

if the party has destroyed the wormwood this would assume the Man's promise event has not happened yet. If this is the case then the party are no-where near Bonewrack isle.

It would be a heck of a jolly boat ride to get there as they come across the isle on the 5th day of being on the mans promise and blown off course, Bonewrack is somewhere south of the slthering coast i would think they are somewhere still in the shackles islands possiby around the stretch of islands near tidewater maybe. Yet another part that makes no sense what so ever..

Are they playing the same AP as everyone else or has Movin changed things?

i think Movin you may get some help but as you have changed things so much, missed bits out, chopped things around, made bad judement calls I think you will struggle to sort out the mess you have here. You will need to either change a heck of a lot to get it back on track or...
My advice if you don't mind me saying so. Close the book, get the players to make new pc's and try another AP but don't make the same mistakes again. and cover....

Go off the path, react to what the players do and make your own AP. You can still use all of the maps and encounters in Skull and Shackles. After some time on the island a ship might notice them and they'll be back on track. Then you can nudge them back towards the path or do something else entirely.*

*Have them be rescued by a ship of pirate hunters, then send them to jail so you can continue the Way of the Wicked AP by Firemountain Games from there. ;)

Yeah no offense OP, but I think you mis-played this one.

-Does true strike even work with hydraulic push? True strike is attack rolls and H push is a CMB check

-As mentioned, the cabin girl checks the food for poison

-Even if the officers got pushed off the boat, it is only a DC 10 Climb check to get back on

The NPCs are just out of league for lvl 2 PCs, they should have absolutely no problem dealing with the PCs, even if they rolled 10 1s in a row.

You can put Bonewrack isle anywhere you want, so they could wash up there at some point to continue the main story. You will probably need a real boat of some sort to arrive/get stranded near there so the PCs can get an actual ship. You could even make the Infernus (the Chelish wreck) salvageable.

Well it looks likely that Movin rewarded creative PC who got in the spirit of things early. I don't think the entire story was shared so whether it was too easy or not is not my call. If I was in this position, I would have the PC picked up by the Man's Promise in the Jolly Boats or if they already landed on Bonewrack have the Man's Promise stranded on the island after the storm resupplying. Further I would suggest that the crew of the Man's Promise be Chelish allies of Harrigan (read part 5) mixed with a buckeneer crew. Perhaps some of the Promise's officers were lost in the storm or it was the officers taken by Grindylows forcing the PCs to rescue them before the rest of the crew will shove off. Create enough unrest on the Promises crew that the PCs can exploit a division and either take over outright or work with a mutiny. Afterall some of the crew begin to suspect they are not on a merchant ship they are acting as bait now aground on an island with undead mosquitos and very ugly prostitutes. Once the Promise is in the hands of the PCs you are more or less back on track. You will want to have more vicious and revenge driven Harrigan that is for sure. I suggest having him show up more and be more hostile as things move on.


"Salvage" nothing, what you've got here is the start of an awesome adventure! I'll bet the players loved it. Roll with it! It's improvisation time!

And if I were you, I wounldn't listen to the folks saying that the PCs shouldn't have been able to win. You're the GM, you can reward them for creativity and good planning.

Now, if you want to get them back somewhere close to the AP as-written (which makes sense, if you'd like to use as much pre-written stuff as you can manage), I'd follow Gnomezrule's advice. You can have the PCs stay on the island for a few days, trying to survive. Then, have the Man's Promise run aground on Bonewrack Island, just about like it does in the as-written AP. Maybe even have Plugg in command of it, having luckily been rescued by the ship and then staged a mutiny. See if the PCs "take the bait" and try to commandeer the ship.

As for Harrigan and the other officers: I'm sure they can get to safety with no problem. If I were a 16th level pirate captain, I'd always keep at least one folding boat inside a bag of holding sewn into my knickers.

What I love about this is that the PCs defied Harigan not Plugg who is pretty much second string.

I agree with Trinite, roll with it. My PCs did something similar last week. Second day aboard Mans Promise they decided to do some sneakin around, tried to get into Pluggs cabin for some recon. When they could not get in the Orc barbarian, without consulting the rest of the party, decided to smash through the trap door from the cooks cabin. Well, mayhem ensued and in just a few short rounds, before anyone could come to pluggs defence he almost singled handedly, with a few fantastic rolls, took Pluggs head clean off. With head in hand he very sucessfully intimidated the rest of the crew.
I did manage to let Scourge escape, got plans for him later! The whole thing suprised the hall out of me, but I thought, what the heck, open the sandbox and let them be pirates! Yar Har Har!!!

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