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Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launched!


Howdy folks! A friend said this would be a good place to share the Kickstarter for my game, Blackwater Gulch. If anyone wants more info feel free to reply :)

Blackwater Gulch - Rebels & Reinforcements

Blackwater Gulch is a tabletop skirmish game based on the Wild West. We launched our first successful Kickstarter campaign for the game back in March. Now that the models we produced are about to be shipped to previous backers, we are launching this new campaign, Rebels & Reinforcements, to fund even more miniatures! We have several all new gangs planned, along with new 3-man “Support Packs” that will expand upon our existing gangs. We’re also offering lots of new bonus figures, custom dice, laser cut building kits and more!

For more information on all of the new models and other goodies we have planned, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page. -reinforcements/

Beware this kickstarter. The "models produced are about to be shipped to previous backers" statement is a bit of a joke. The previous kickstarter ended 3 months ago and no product has shipped to date.

Most of those issued are addressed in the first update. I take full responsibility for not knowing how long it would really take to get everything produced. Which is why this current campaign has such a far off release date. Next time around the plan is to have people happy to see something come a little early than disappointed that it came late.

To make up for the delays we had with packaging and printing, I offered to send all original backers their figures "unboxed", and everyone who asked for their unboxed figs have gotten their orders. Those that are still waiting are the ones that wanted box & all. And unboxed is still an option, if you're waiting for an old order and didn't know you could get it unboxed, you can contact me at and I'll get your order finalized and sent out.

Game Salute is producing the starter sets now, they're waiting on the last batch of boxes to be printed and then they'll pack everything up and send everything out asap.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Don't know anything about this but...

Three months is a quick turnover for minis, isn't it?

Well yes, 3 months would be quick but that's actually 3 months late, not just 3 months. I was hoping to have everything released in August. We didn't even get the final sculpts until a few days before I left for GenCon. The sculptor missed his deadline a bit, and then they got hung up in customs collecting dust for a while.

Then it was another 2-3 weeks to get master figures made, another 4-6 for production figures, another 4-6 to paint everything, then design the boxes and everything else that needed photos of the painted miniatures. Then we sent the files off to the printer and right before we were about to sign off on the proofs we found a bunch of small errors that had to be fixed, so here we are now waiting on the boxes and cards to show up at the warehouse.

So.. it's been hell at times, just sitting around waiting for the next step that always takes way longer than you think. But, it was a lesson learned the hard way and now I know what to expect and how to plan for the future.

I might have been able to get everything done sooner if I did it all myself, but the quality wouldn't have been as good. A lot of the extra time with printing was all on account of wanting a quality product in the end, so Game Salute spent extra time (and cash) getting a really nice full color rulebook put together and having retail-worthy boxes. So even though the delays were frustrating I think in the long run folks will appreciate the quality and work that went into it.

Trust me, I know your pain. Deadlines can be shifty. @};-

Well, I'm in for 1 starter, maybe 2 if the Tranquility Crew gets unlocked! Also, I love Kurt Wyatt and Doctor Kilmer, so here's to them getting unlocked as well.

Thanks! :) I'm sure we'll get there :)

We just did an update to the campaign page and changed around our stretch goals in light of what a lot of backers were requesting and to make the bonus items unlock sooner to give the higher level backers a much better value, and the lower level backers a lot more options to choose from :) -reinforcements/

$5k - Kurt Wyatt Bonus Figure (unlocked now)
$10k - Widowmakers Gang Starter Set
$15k - Dr Kilmer Bonus Figure
$20k - Tranquility Crew Gang Starter Set
$25k - Wayne Duke Bonus Figure
$30k - Flying Zarconis Gang Starter Set
$35k - Nevada Dave Bonus Figure
$40k - Secret Fist Gang Starter Set
$45k - Father Al Bonus Figure
$50k - Dockside Drifters Gang Starter Set
$55k - Marshall Stewart Bonus Figure
$60k - Wilde's Rangers Gang Starter Set

So we just alternate every $5000 1 bonus figure then 1 gang. We also moved the Tranquility Crew up to $20,000 just because so many people have been asking for it. I didn't expect that, I kind of tacked that one on at the end at first just for fun, turns out it's the one everyone wants most :)

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I just got the sculpt for Kurt Wyatt today :) He was done by Brother Vinni. Vinni will also be doing Dr. Kilmer and Wayne Duke since they will eventually be sold in 1 set together as the "Hired Guns: Lawmen Support Pack" :)

Here's some pics, 1 with some other minis for comparison and one extreme closeup.

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

I presume these figures are metal, but after looking at the web site and both Kickstarter pages I don't see anything that says what material these are.

Oops, sorry. We'll update that now that you mention it. But the figures are all metal. They're made by Iron Wind Metals, the same guys who do Dark Sword, BattleTech and Malifaux to name a few :)

We're funded! :) -reinforcements

Ding! Another goal shot down in a blaze of glory. Wayne Duke is now unlocked! :) -reinforcements

We've got some new and updated artwork for the the new bonus figures in our Kickstarter campaign.

Click Here for the New Bonus Figure Pics!

We have Nevada Dave the Treasure Hunter, Father Al, the outlaw Clinton Wales, Marshall Stewart, along with Doc Emmitt and his trusty sidekick Fox McFly. Currently we have a total of 9 unlocked bonus figures, so everyone who pledges at the Gunslinger level or higher gets 9 FREE figures, along with 6 Colt 45 dice.

We're also getting really close to unlocking our next new gang, The Tranquility Crew, with Clinton Wales to follow soon after! There are only 5 days left in the campaign. We made this a shorter-than-normal campaign due to the holidays, and it's done really well so far. So thanks to all of you who have helped us out. We're almost there!

And now we just hit $20,000! The Tranquility Crew has been unlocked :)

[url] -reinforcements[/url]

We just passed the $25,000 mark and the outlaw Clinton Wales has been unlocked! He's another bonus figure to add to the pile. Now pledges at the Gunslinger level ($100) or higher will get 10 free miniatures plus 6 Colt 45 dice.

Next on the list will be Wilde's Rangers, they'll be unlocked at $30,000. Only 2 days left! -reinforcements

The new campaign has gone extremely well! As of this moment we have 24 hours left and funding is over $31,000. At the rate it's been going lately, I'm pretty confident we'll get up to $40,000 to unlock the Secret Fist!. We're also really close to unlocking the next bonus figure, Doc Emmitt at $35,000. Once he's unlocked, everyone who pledges at the Gunslinger level ($100) or higher will be getting ELEVEN free miniatures and 6 colt 45 dice!

We've also added some new add-on items like paints and extra gatling gun models, in case you want the gun but not the gang, or you want the gang but want more guns!

So if you haven't jumped in yet, now is the time -reinforcements

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