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Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Lots of these bits under Hierophant mention a nice feature that applies to your domain spells, which is awesome. As a player of mostly oracles, though, I don't get domains. Is it assumed to swap the word "domain" for "mystery" and have the bonus apply to the spells gained there?

Apologies if the answer is blindingly obvious - I'm just wanting to be sure.

RAW, no, but I fully support changing such for the final version.

Agreed. I'm certain the rules don't allow it, but there's no way I'd refuse if a player asked me.

Domain Deflection and Sacred Boon really do seem to have an unfair cleric bias to them, and some confusion in the specifics. The classes I could potentially see going Hierophant are Cleric, Druid, Inquisitor, Oracle, Paladin, and I could see throwing an Alchemist, Bard, Sorcerer, or Witch in there if you have a weird party mix where that's your only healer.

Clerics, with this, get immunity to both their domains. Great for them.

Druids who go domain for nature bond get have the utility out of it, which is better than nothing, but aside from arguably benefiting more from Mighty Summons, nothing balances that out for them. And before someone points out the companion buffs, I'm specifically talking about domain bonded druids.

Inquisitors are even worse off, or in need of some clarification here, because while they get domain powers, they don't get any domain spells.

None of these other classes have access to this abilities at all, which would be one thing if they had other options of comparable value. Paladins and companion bonded druids have Durable and Mythic Companion available, which is all well and good, but the ARG classes just get hosed here. No access to those, no replacements, AND you have to wait longer level-wise before you get access to Endless Power.

Actually... a typical godless oracle would have a hard time filling in ten abilities at all here:
Endless Power x3 (but not until level 10)
Enduring Blessing
Faith's Reach
Otherworldly Insight
Power Current (with no channel energy)
Servant of Balance (with no mount)
Sustained by Faith (but spontaneous casters still need 8 hours sleep so...)
Water of Life

OK, 10 abilities even, 4 of which you're only partially benefitting from. There's no mechanical reason you can't take Instruments of Faith, Itemcraft, Mighty Summons, or Plant Bringer, but for thematic reasons (oracles are a nice church-free alternative to clerics, plant bringer is clearly designed with druids in mind) or practicality (crafting and summons require you to blow some high-demand spells known to work), they're pretty iffy.

Inquisitors are in almost the same boat, but they have other viable Paths to choose from.

So yeah, I'd say the list of abilities to choose from could use expanding, and the two that run off domains could possibly stand to force a choice if you have more than one, along with clarification on whether Inquistors benefit from DD.

Shadow Lodge

While I dont think that Oracles or other classes with Domains to a lesser degree should benefit fully from these (leave in the class only options) I do think that 1 they crammed in too many classes to this one path and two need to have more options all around. I would even suggest dropping the Arcane only from the Archmage so as to split up some more potentual options for the divine classes.

I would like a Cleric, an Oravle, and a Druid Hierophant to be a lot more distinct as the Classes have a lot of differenxes already, but doesnt really carry over to the Mithic material well.

To be honest non-generic Clerics have a hard time filling it out too. I have not really looked at Druids, but I assume its similar, at each tier there is really only one option (usually) and it may not be inline with the character build.

Honestly, Hierophant as is doesn't look very good for an oracle, at least not for mine. I couldn't even find ten path abilities I liked enough to take. This pretty much assumes you're a cleric with nice domain toys or a druid with an animal companion...or a summoner. So that arcane base class gets a better boon to this than the divine bases of oracle and inquisitor. Not sure how I feel about that.

Shadow Lodge

I assume there are more options than what we see and hopefully we might get sme more to try. Honestly, like I said it really isnt as great for Clerics either, picking 10 abilities you actually want. If you take practically any Archtype, that drops the number of abilitie options too.

It might be cool to split up the Druid, Summoner, and maybe some Witch and other classes into Hierophant and make something another path (Prophet/ High Priest) for the Cleric, Druid, and Inq.

There was also an option for taking two Paths, I believe. Im still reading at this point so its all theorycraft for me at this point.

Shadow Lodge

Beckett wrote:
There was also an option for taking two Paths, I believe. Im still reading at this point so its all theorycraft for me at this point.

There's a mythic feat for it.

They should probably just make an entire new class for Sorcerer's and Oracles.

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Any "pet" class can make quite effective use of the Hierophant path regardless of spellcasting ability. I found more than enough path powers there without going outside that path.

Also -- don't forget the universal path powers. You will probably want to pick up one or two of those regardless of path choice.

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