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just found this

Off-Topic Discussions

Barbarians masters of the mind

I have news for you, your link goes no where.

I was directed to poster describing Barbarian final stand against...


Shadow Lodge

Yeah, link works for me.

Seen it a million times but still funny each one. =)

All I get is a blank page.

Shadow Lodge

Weird. I'll type it out for you.

Me: That puts me at... =O -9 HP.
DM: The marilith slices off one of your arms and the top of your head. (to the party) You have a nice view of his grey matter.
Party: BLUH!
Psion: See, that's why I prefer to kill things with my brain, so I don't get killed back.
Me: Shut up. >=(
DM: It's your turn, by the way. You have Diehard, right? So you can still act.
Me: Okay. I have no backup weapons, I die next round, I can't close without being stabbed... you said the top of my head was sliced off?
DM: =? Yes.
Me: I have Quick Draw, so I throw my "grey matter" at the marilith.
DM: O.o Are you serious?!
Me: I have nothing else and I'm going down anyway. Yes.
DM: Roll Fortitude to see if you survive long enough to actually throw it after tearing it out.
Me: 31 good enough? =D
DM: o_O Roll your attack.
Me: 1.
DM: You miss horribly. *rolls* the brain goes right past the marilith and keeps going. Anybody else in the line of fire?
(all check the mat)
Psion: Me.
DM: Roll to see if you hit him.
Me: ...20.
All: =(
Me: ...20.
All: o.o
Me: ...20.
All: O_O
(long silence)
Psion: You killed me.
Me: *nods* With my brain.
All: (lasts about 1.5 seconds, then bursts into laughter)
Psion: I! HATE! YOU! SO! MUCH!

The true masters of the Mind.

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