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Make me Sir Didymus


Shadow Lodge

I am involved in a light-hearted campaign mostly consisting of my bard and her stealthy ranger friend with Vital Strike trying to fight horrible eldritch abominations. We're leveling to 13, one joke led to another, and suddenly I'm considering picking up Leadership.

I want Sir Didymus. I want a noble small-sized mounted knight who is convinced that my bard is a noble lady and that he ought to help her in my quest.

So how do I build this?

Strongly considering a Cavalier for obvious reasons, but I'm not sure it fits so well with this particular group and campaign. Since we have no other melee fighters, the teamwork feats based on flanking are a bit of a waste. I'm tempted by the Honour Guard archetype, but torn between the desire to plant the Bodyguard next to my bard, and the fact that this would severely limit his combat options to "awful ranged damage" or "anything near enough to hit my bard." (Unless I can put Spring Attack on the mount and get at least one solid melee attack out of the Cavalier?) Also I'm a bit worried by the low Will save, which would be a serious liability in this game.

The bard is CN, so a Paladin is out unless the DM makes an exemption.

Mounted Barbarian might have some punch, but the class is a bit odd for a knight and I'm not sure that a small barbarian would fly.

Nature Oracle would get the mount and the spell support might be very helpful, but the rest of the revelations are uninspiring.

Cleric or Inquisitor with the Animal Domain might do it, but the high Wis seems against the concept.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I am playing a halfling cavalier right now, with the gendarme archetype.

It's a good trade-off if you don't want the teamwork feats anyway, and you can quickly get your mounted damage up quite high and still have a few feats left for (improved) iron will. combine this with halfling racial traits for saves and your will save will be pretty decent

Shadow Lodge

That fixes my concept. It's even compatible with the Honour Guard. Thanks!

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