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The ability to Grant Spells...

Player Feedback

If I recall correctly it was stated that the mythic system would have something in it so a mythic character or monster could grant spells to worshipers.

It was not in the playtest. This seemed odd to me especially when they describe the hierophant as being more like a patron than a devotee.

Was it just left out of the playtest due to size issues? If so, how would you rate it or place it as far as progressions go?

I noticed this too. It's one of the first things I went looking for once I got the playtest document. I would also like to know if there are still plans to include this in the finished product. I figure it's not something that required as much playtesting so it was left out for now. Still, it would be nice to see how this ability (if it's even a thing) interacts with Leadership and Cohorts.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Speaking of Leadership, Cohorts, and Followers. Will there be an increased table for Leadership scores beyond 25? Will there be rules or suggestions on what to do about Cohorts and Mythic, other then the rules already presented?

I imagine block knight is right, it just doesn't really need to be playtested. I will say that I absolutely love the "you are a patron, not a devotee" idea. It's like you yourself are a source of divine power. One of my favorite little things in the whole document.

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