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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Tell me these guys don't make great Hellknights


Dark Archive

I was looking to complete my Pathfinder miniatures line and chanced upon this.

If this has been brought up before, hey they are still great figures of inspiration.

Hellknight Signifier I ordered this one.

Possible Hellknight

Female Hellknight

Dishounored Hellknight

And this reminds me of a certain fallen Aasimar from Burnt Offerings. She's on a gravestone to boot!

Amiko is that you?

Grand Lodge

Oh that first one? DAAAAAAMN!

The Possible isnt bad... the others would make better Anti Paladlins.

I like the barbarian looking one, reminds me of pyramid head.

Dark Archive

Some others


Ezren doing his best Marilyn Monroe

The Gentleman Bloatmage of Savile Row

Merisiel's fanboy

one of Iomedae's

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Gee! Do you think they are getting any inspiration from Pathfinder? That certain fallen Aasimar is too close.

Sovereign Court

Those are some really nice looking figures, the "aasimar" especially.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I love how Frey's (the fallen aasimar) pink stockings end with individual toes for her huge clawed feet. You think those are handcrafted or did she maybe buy them off the rack at Victoria's Dark Secret, possibly Frederick's of Hell-ywood?

The Exchange

These guys don't make great Hellknights.



What? That's what you said to tell you.

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