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Lots of things I noticed when reading

Player Feedback

Some of these are noticible gaps in rules, wording oddities, a few minor suggestions, and things I thought were cool. All pretty stream of thought (though I went back if something latter on interacts with it).

The ability to spend Mythic Power to boost a d20 roll should note how it interacts with natural 1/20s

Champion abilities requires lots of swift actions, hurting Paladins who have class features that eat their swift actions already.

Aerial Assault is bonus die and won't be multiplyed by a lance when mounted, so the iconic user is one of the worse things at it.

Legendary Champion says "up to once per round", which is strange. Using "In addition, once per round, you (may) regain one" would be closer to standard wording (it's also a word or two shorter).

Dimensional Grapple should state your gear goes with you.

Not sure if Endless Power was intended to let you use whatever metamagic you want with no cost (Except for Highten, Metamagiced spells retain the same level)

Marshall has a few abilities dependent upon if a ally is mythic or not. Is a companion effected by Mythic Companion "Mythic" (this likely has other implications as well)? (Edit: It matters quite dearly, as it determines if they do Mythic damage or not)

If the target is outside your maximum range, does Deadly Throw still cause missed throw to land next to them?

Whoever wrote Critical Skill seems to have forgotten that skill checks aren't auto successes on a natural 20, so it may take less time, but it will still fail. Particularly notable as Critical Trickster right under it DOES note you Critically Succeed.

I'd rename Improbable Prestidigitation, as Prestidigitation is an existing spell and unrelated.

The intro doesn't seem to mention if the same trial can be used more than once for a tier (may have missed it), but Press On does.

I really dislike the Champion trials, as they favor specific builds to the near total exclusion of others (If you are a ranged crit fishers, volley archer or maneuver focused people, you can do at least one of the trials on demand, but if you are a two handed weapon wielder, you will be entirely dependent upon luck or setup from allies to do even one). At minimum, I'd add a trial of something like "do x% or greater of a mythic enemies total HP in damage in one round" for them, but honestly I'd rewrite the Champion trials entirely.

Boon Giver is stupidly easy (lots of buffs are multi-target) or impossible (you have a small party).

Conversion is a trail I REALLY like, as it is RP based, doesn't force you to do something bizzare and counter intuitive, and is a very common action by heroes.

Swift Victory is good, as it is a goal you would normally try for, but are unlikely to pull off.

Tumble via acrobatics works against deadly dance (not that tumbling works that well anyways, but another topic), which is really weird. Change Deadly Dance to accommodate it. Additionally, it says provoke, but a foe doesn't have to act on a provocation, and indeed, may not be able to (such as spending his one AoO or being unarmed).

+2/+2 are lame even in Mythic

I'd add a "you don't suffer the effects of being blinded aside from being unable to see" or such to Mythic Blindfight, "Blind Swordsmen" really is one the iconic "mythic" archtypes and deserves it.

Marked For Glory's requirement of a feat at first level DRASTICALLY reduces who can qualify for it, and I see no reason why only races that get one of the 3 saving throw feats as bonus feats or people who start in a class that gives it as a bonus feat at first level (which I think is limited to Cleric of the right domain at best, I'd have to check) can be "Marked for Glory"

Mythic Spring Attack's BAB 6 requirement is another kick in the nuts to monks.

Mythic Spring Attack and Vital Strike do what the base feat should have done in the first place...

Mythic Weapon Finese I assume is INTENDED to not require a finesse weapon, which is perfectly fine, but do you add 1.5 times your dex mod for a two handed weapon's damage?

I like how Mythic Dimension Door is an actual visible change to what the spell does over making it hit harder.

Mythic Adventures is supposed to be setting neutral, so shouldn't "Bow of Eerstil" and "Cayden's Cup" have a different names (similar to Fire Goddess's Blade, which I assume is supposed to be Sarenrae)?

Fire Goddess's Blade has a special ability that works "per the Flame Blade spell". Does this mean you lose the benefit of your strength mod?

I skipped Monster and Adventure for now because it is getting late and neither is really needed for immediate thoughts on rules.

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Since Marked for Glory gives "1st level character" as a prerequisite rather than a restriction, I was reading that one as implying that you had to have at least one level in a core or base class in addition to having one of the other feats to qualify.

I would think that, but the fact that it is actually listed AND the fluff implies otherwise.

I checked the SRD, last time Paizo did a first level only feat I can find was WAY back in RotRL 3.5, and the wording is seperate

Even if it wasn't the intent, the wording is odd.

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How about those mythic feats that have requirements of "6th mythic tier"? What makes that requirement odd is that you can only take mythic feats when you gain a new mythic tier (more specifically, an odd numbered tier) -- so there is no way you can actually select a feat upon attaining the 6th tier, unless there is an "Extra Mythic Feat" path power that I missed.

Wasn't there a bit that you can delay Mythic feats, or was that only about levels and not tiers?

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