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How to play a Kinslayer (inquisitor; Dhampir)?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Shadow Lodge *

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Been playing Society (and GMing) a short while, and I'd like to start another PC. I love the character of an inquisitor, and being a Kinslayer would be the icing on the cake.
Just one problem, need to be fathered by a vampire. . .
Any help on how to get the required "boon"?


The boons are sometimes available at conventions of 15+ tables per event. The organizer can apply for prize support, though the boons received may not include the dhampir. There was also a one-time event about a year ago that opened up the dhampir to participants, but that one's no longer available.

The human Racial Heritage feat can also open up Dhampir archetypes and the like, should you not be able to acquire the boon.

Sovereign Court ***

John Compton wrote:
The human Racial Heritage feat can also open up Dhampir archetypes and the like, should you not be able to acquire the boon.

Not for PFS, sadly.


I belive the Dhamphir boon has been taken out of circulation sadly, however, perhaps there might be someone that isn't using one that would be willing to give it to you, that might be your only hope at this point for getting the race.

Shadow Lodge *

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Guess it won't help that the closest conventions are three hours flight away in another Country.
Don't happen to know anyone with a dhampir boon spare, I can pay postage?

Any thoughts on getting/making a similar PC?


There is the Vampire Hunter archetype from Inner Sea Magic.

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