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Does Channel Force work with Channel Smite?

Rules Questions

So the Channel Smite ability says this

Channel Smite:
Before you make a melee attack roll, you can choose to spend one use of your channel energy ability as a swift action. If you channel positive energy and you hit an undead creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel positive energy ability. If you channel negative energy and you hit a living creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel negative energy ability. Your target can make a Will save, as normal, to halve this additional damage. If your attack misses, the channel energy ability is still expended with no effect.

And then there's this

Channel Force:
When you channel energy to deal damage, you may choose to affect only a single target within 30 feet. In addition to dealing damage, if that single target fails its saving throw, you may pull or push the target up to 5 feet for every 2d6 points of channel energy damage you are capable of dealing.

My question is if you can gain the benefits of Channel force when you use Channel Smite to do damage.
To me it looks like it would work like this: you channel smite an undead (assuming you have positive channel) when you have the channel force feat, when you hit if they fail the will save they get pushed back too.

Then if that works what about improved channel force and greater channel force?

Improved Channel Force: When using Channel Force, you can affect all creatures in a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone-shaped burst. You must choose to either push or pull all creatures within the affected area that fail their saves.[/spoiler]

Greater Channel Force: When using Improved Channel Force, you can affect all creatures in a 30-foot-radius burst.

Would the Channeled smite deal the channel damage and pushback in a cone (or line) based on the enemy you melee attack?

Would the Greater channeled smite deal the channel damage & push back in a burst around your target?

(With any of these would the selective channel feat let you pick what you hit with any of these?)

Thanks for your time :)

I want to know too, though my character would be for society play.

I actually think that Channel Smite and Channel Force should work together, but Improved and Greater should not.

Channel Force specifically states one target.
The others are multiple targets, and don't work.

Anybody got anything else?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Yes they can work together, but the Smite effects are still limited to the single target designated for Smite.

So Improved and Greater Channel Force do nothing for Channel Smite?

But Channel Force does work?

Sorry about being so inquisitive, but it's for PFS.

You will probably get a lot of table variation on this. Channel Smite says "you can choose to spend one use of your channel energy..". "Spending a use" could be declared to not be the same as actually channeling the energy, which Channel Force requires.

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