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Oracle Curse Bonus Spells - What spell do they use?

Rules Questions

I am playing a Blackened Cursed Oracle
At level 10 I get to add the spell Wall of Fire to my spells known list.

What level does this use, as it is listed as a 3rd through 5th level spell? (3rd Summoner, 4th Sorcerer/Wizard/Magus, 5th Druid)

Does it become a spell of the highest level I can cast? Which makes sense.
And if the above is correct what if I use a racial favored class ability a few times to get to add it when I am 7th level? Which would affect my getting the Scorching Ray, and Flaming Sphere spells also.
In each of the above cases taking the favored class racial ability (Gnome) would bump these spells Down one level each.

I can't find anywhere in the RAW or FAQ of even on this site (although there is lots here to cover)

Please post page numbers, links, or direct quotes for interpretation.

You cast it as a divine spell but with your oracle level at the caster level.

Finlanderboy wrote:
You cast it as a divine spell but with your oracle level at the caster level.

That I know, but what level IS the spell?

It is not listed anywhere I can find.

At 10th level, the Oracle's highest spell level is 5.

I believe you're supposed to treat it as a 5th level spell (same as the Druid, in this case).

IIRC: You treat it as the Highest level you can cast.


I am building a halfling oracle with the haunted curse. Using the halfling favored class bonus, she'll be getting access to telekinesis, a 5th level wizard/sorcerer spell, at 8th level, and reverse gravity, a 7th level sorcerer/wizard spell, at 10th level.

Would she cast telekinesis as a 4th level spell and reverse gravity as a 5th level spell, as the two above posters suggest?

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