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Gming then Playing a scenario.

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion


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I am sure this has been answered before but I can't find it.

One of the GMs at my local game shop said he had GMed the scenario and therefore could not play it as their was already a legal table.

My understanding is you can play and GM a (non Tier 1) sceanrio in either order and get a chronicle for both.

Also when GMing then playing you just have to tell the GM and it does not matter about the number of players.

Paizo Employee ***

Correct, adding in that both cannot be applied to the same character.

Silver Crusade *****

I second Elvis's statement.

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Colorado—Colorado Springs aka Dust Raven

Yes, and this is good news for me. I've been buying new scenarios as they come out and running them before having any chance to play one, then having my wife run the same scenario later giving me a chance to play. Fortunately we have a fairly large group of players to fill out both tables.

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