Are threre any builds that really excel at trapmaking?


I'd like to make a pair of npcs, one is a sniper,.perched on a roof, and his partner is a trap maker setting up a plethora of protection all the way from the ground to the pair.

There is a ranger archetype that does that. It is called the trapper in the ultimate magic.

Thanks for the point in the right direction :)

Archaeologist archetype for bards? Basically just rogue flavored with magic and shields, but the language looks vague enough that it gives half your bard levels to perception in general instead of just traps. Could be useful. More of a face of course, but again, you wanted to be more handy for your party, no?

The Ranger traps are crap if I remember right.
The DCs are way too low.

Maybe just a dwarf wizard for the racial faster crafting and the crafting discovery?

Meh, I've never seen any trapper build worth it's salt; it's basically a novelty gimmick with no real in-game applications. At least not if you want someone able to trap effectively in combat. The best 'trap' I can think of is an alchemist with various bomb discoveries. I believe that there's one that has delayed blast bombs, which could make for some fairly potent traps. Add in the variety of additional effects that can be added to bombs, and that's way more efficient than any 'trapper' build I've seen.

Depending on the level of the game, you could also have fun with Symbol spells and Glyphs of Warding.

KOBOLD! Kobold kobold kobold kobold...kobold.

As a GM you can actually "cheat." Keep in mind that traps have a CR rating, so you can just add a trap of X CR as though it were a seperate minion. It's a great way to make a pair of NPCs have more variance, especially if they are reoccurring.

Alright. Thanks guys.

Wizard, definitely.

1) "Craft: Traps" is based on INT.
2) Most of the good traps require magic as part of the trap, trigger, or both.
3) The Fabricate spell! At level 9, all of a sudden it takes rounds instead of days to build a trap.

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