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Feats that require Endurance or Diehard


Hey, I'm planning a half-orc character and noticed that as of ARG, half-orcs can pick up Endurance as a racial feat. I figured I would get Diehard and Deathless Initiate (Master seems bad and Zealot is cool but not worth the bad feats it takes to get there, IMO) and later on Stalwart and Improved Stalwart.

Are there any other feats, preferably useful/interesting ones, that require either of these feats? D&D 3E had the amazing Steadfast Determination feat, but sadly there doesn't seem to be anything like that in PF. Anything suggested would have to be on (so sadly, I can't take the tusked trait... :( ), but 3rd party is tentatively ok pending on my DM's decision.

Shadow Lodge

I've been playing the very character you just described in PFS for some time now, and I recommend the following:

1. Forget the entire Deathless feat line. The Ring of Ferocious Action will do everything you need for 3000 gold.

2. Fast Healer, Fast Healer, Fast Healer. I can't recommend this feat highly enough. You know that wand of Infernal Healing you carry around for 10 guaranteed hit points? It's worth a whole lot more with Fast Healer and a good Con. Your healer will love you for it. Especially if you also take...

3. Tenacious Survivor. I love this feat. Coming back from the dead may not be as exciting as you'd like, with all the clerics out there, but coming back from the dead with a single channel? Never gets old.

That ring....would be perfect for my goblin with Roll With It.... Good find!

Fast Healer wouldn't help too much, Con will be 14, maybe 16 with an item, or 18 at very high levels. Not familiar w/ infernal healing, but if it gives you something like fast healing 1 for 10 rounds, I'm pretty sure DM would rule (as would I) that feat to apply once per casting, not per round...
(Your link is messed up, by the way. Feat is here.)

I saw Tenacious Survivor, and thought it was really interesting...until I saw the permanent negative level. May as well just get raised at that point, "dying" is already a (hopefully) uncommon enough occasion to be spending a feat on as it is.

Any other suggestions?

If it matters, will be an unarmed character with dips in Brawler Fighter and Master of Many Styles Monk, but primarily will level up in Martial Artist 3rd party class, using Crane and Dragon styles. Or Crane and Snake.... I just don't like relying on people attacking me without having an aggro mechanic....

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