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Wealth By Level Guidelines?

GM Feedback

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Hey Jason, just curious to see what you think would be the best way to handle WBL for Mythic Tiers.

EG If we were playing something written for 15th level characters, would you recommend everyone starting with 15th level average wealth?

Or would the character that is 10/5M start with just average wealth for a 10th level character? Then the character at 13/2M have 13th level wealth and the normal 15th level character be the only one with 15th level wealth.

Or what if it was just everyone at 10/5M. Should they go against challenges build for APL 15 with 10th or 15th level wealth?

Or are you hoping for all different kinds of mixes?

The Exchange

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Or an EXP chart to design encounters CR 26 and above.

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I too would like to know this. It would make a difference I believe.

Grand Lodge

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I believe Jason's answer would be...

EXPERIMENT! (that's the point of making this a playtest after all) make no changes make a lot of changes and go in between. And see how it impacts play.

I don't think that any GM should really dive into mythic or epic unless they're willing to do some rules rewriting on their own.

Mythic will vary quite a bit on how you introduce it into a running game or make it a new one.

The purpose of WBL is to equip characters with base assumptions on what you'll be running them into for a given level.

With mythic so different than the standard level system, it's going to have a lot of variability on it.

At a certain point in actually mastering the art of GMing, you'll come to a point where things like the WBL are merely guidelines and you'll discover the art of knowing when to follow it, when to change it, and when to kick it to the curb entirely.

At that point you're ready to make the transition from formulaic level based gaming to an individual style of epic gaming.

If you're not willing to risk making colossal mistakes, willing to fall off the beam occasionally, you might as well skip the playtest and wait for the finished product to have been hammered out by those who don't insist on having the right answers handed to them before they take the test.

In my playtest I am planning on basing the wealth by levels on the acutal character levels without adding in the mythic tiers. Since the mythic tiers can be a temporary boon, I feel they should not affect the WBL guidelines.

Dark Archive

Saint Bernard wrote:
In my playtest I am planning on basing the wealth by levels on the acutal character levels without adding in the mythic tiers. Since the mythic tiers can be a temporary boon, I feel they should not affect the WBL guidelines.

Makes sense to me.

Agreed with Saint. If anything, as a GM if you're characters are going to start level 1 play with mythic tier 1, then it should almost decrease WBL. Or you need to scale up your encounters even more by something like +CR 1/2 on top of scaling for Mythic Ranks if you follow normal WBL guidelines, and potentially even +CR 1 on top of scaling for Mythic Ranks if you increase WBL. Some of these abilities and such get pretty...well...Mythic. Legendary!

I'm of mixed minds.

If you assume that a Level 15 Fighter is equivalent to a level 10 fighter wiht 5 mythinc tiers... He will need the WBL of a level 15 fighter to face appropraite (cr 15 to 19) challenges.

If you instead to have him face CR 10 - 14 challenges that a normal level 10 fighter woudl face, then you probably could let him get by with wealth level of 7 or 8.

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If you start a character at 1st level/non-mythic and advance them to 4th level/2nd tier, they'll fight challenges equivalent to those fought by a non-mythic character advancing from 1st level to 6th level.

Since the 4th-level/2nd-tier character could theoretically have fought the exact same monsters as the 6th-level non-mythic character, the 4+2 mythic character should have the same wealth as a 6th-level non-mythic character...

...unless the mythic tiers are temporary, in which case the mythic character has exactly as much wealth as a non-mythic character of the same level.

(The playtest I'm currently running is designed to test this second situation, since mythic tiers will be added to my PCs after the fact.)

I am testing the same assumption as Epic Meepo in the Mythic Tiers are temporary and were added to the characters for the quest.

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